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Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional Course

The CHSSP® Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional course offers a comprehensive and practical training program for aspiring home stagers and stylists. The course covers all aspects of home staging and styling, from the basics of color theory and furniture placement, to the advanced skills of marketing and business management.

CHSSP® Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional Course, provides a professional level of achievement within the Home Staging and property styling industry, in association with the Home Staging Network.

Home Staging and Styling business solutions

The most comprehensive Home Staging course available whether you are a complete beginner or want to learn more and add value to your existing Home Staging or Interior Design business. One place, one course,

The latest CHSSP version now includes:

Learning the Home Staging business
The CHSSP® Course is a recognised online learning platform offering quality training to the Home Staging and styling industry for more than 10 years.
  • Learn about Home Staging and Styling techniques, services to offer, pricing a project, Interior Design software, managing clients, starting and running a home staging business, marketing your business.
  • Receive a pack of Home Staging document templates including Quotations, Appointment Consultations, Costing Spreadsheets, Client Feedback Forms, Example Letters and more.
  • Example Home Staging projects including family homes, penthouse apartments, furniture rental, show homes for £1 Million+ homes, cottages and more.
  • Expert Home Stagers' project examples provided in course exercises.
  • Tutor support in your personal student dashboard.  All your questions answered quickly online.
  • Course work assessed and feedback provided at the end of the course.
  • Information on the latest digitial options and technology for home staging businesses.
  • Interior Design software to create Floorplans, 3D Design schemes, Mood boards and more.
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Virtual Staging examples and how to include them in your business services
Virtual Consultations and services are not new, but they are being used more widely recently. Virtual or remote services can save you time and bring more clients to your business. We review the solutions which will work best for our industry and how to offer a range of services and contracted in services using the latest technology.
Digital Business Solutions
How to work efficiently and keep track of your clients and workflow.
The best digital solutions for stagers and stylists reviewed by our experts:
  • Best digital cloud accounting options
  • Digitial project management for creative businesses
  • Digital solutions for billing by time, product sourcing, specifying, purchasing and accounting
  • Digitial signatures for quotes, contracts and inventory signing
  • Document templates and managing your workflow
Working from home
Home Office business solutions to get the most out of your working day as a home stager, whatever the size of space you may be working in from home.

'From start of learning through to business set up and running a professional Home Staging and Styling business we've got you covered'

"I have loved every minute of the CHSSP course and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to develop their home staging skills. The course covers not only the creative aspects of home staging, but is also packed full of great information and advice on setting up a home staging business, including webinars, document templates, websites, software and tools. The course is very flexible and tutors are always on hand to provide support and answer questions."
Heidi Megson, CHSSP Graduate, (New to Home Staging)

"This course challenges your thinking yet inspires you to continue, improving your knowledge and understanding along the way. It's not all cushions and throws, but covers all aspects of running a successful home-staging business. It is structured in a way that you can dip in an out making it easy to pick up again if you've had a couple of weeks off. The tutors are positive, encouraging and helpful and the course equips you well, ready to launch your own home-staging business."
Rebekah Pool, CHSSP Graduate, (RBKH Interior Design)

"I am so happy I found the CHSSP course. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course while building the knowledge and confidence I needed to launch my own business. It has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The amount of relevant information and resources is incredible, from the content of the modules to the business templates, there is nothing else you could ask for!"
Sandra Zueco, CHSSP Graduate, (Fluid View Home Staging)

How to Qualify as a Home Staging Professional

CHSSP® study modules are designed to build your knowledge of home staging, property styling, business practice, customer service, marketing of your business and property market awareness. The course is completely flexible and you can study at home at your own pace. All course content, exercises and tutor support is available online through your personal student home page. Emails are not necessary.
The CHSSP® online course provides all the information and resources required to gain the necessary knowledge and skills in professional home staging. Example property projects are detailed in videos and slideshows with full costings, customer details and solutions revealed. An interior design course qualification isn't required to complete the CHSSP® home staging course.

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After completing the CHSSP® course

Students successfully completing the course receive a CHSSP Certificate, a CHSSP logo to use in business documents, a unique graduate verification web page and entry in the CHSSP Directory of Home Staging professionals. Discounts for membership at the Home Staging Network. Contact us after course completion for further information about mentoring from our expert Home Stagers or joining a licensed lead referal programme.

Home Staging - the Definition:

"Home Staging is about making a home appeal to the highest number of potential buyers in order to sell the property faster for more money. Home Staging techniques focus on improving a property's appearance by transforming it into a welcoming, attractive home with lifestyle and buyer appeal".

Are Home Staging Business services needed?

Most home buyers search online before visiting their local estate agent. Rightmove alone has over 900,000 properties for sale at any time, so with buyers scrolling through thousands of pictures of potential homes, the way a home is styled and presented really makes all the difference.

Does Home Staging increase property value?

UK's Rightmove shows Home Staged homes secured 8% more than non-staged homes.

The UK Home Staging Association Report survey of Estate Agents and property developers shows 95% said Home Staged homes sold faster than none-staged homes.

HSA Report showed 100% of Estate Agents surveyed said that Home Staging increased property price.

Property Developers surveyed by HSA UK said 44% of their property had increased above its value by 10% from using Home Staging services.

Worldwide: 85% of staged property saw a 6-25% increase in selling price compared to other local property not professionally staged. Source: HSR International.

Survey of professionally Staged properties worldwide

Over 85% of the 4,200 staged homes worldwide surveyed by HSR International saw at least 6-25% more from the sale of their professionally staged home than the home in the same market that was not professionally staged. The largest percentage of results, 68% of the homes actually came in at 9-12% increase.

Home staging statistics at the UK's largest property portal Rightmove, reveal that home staged property secures more viewings and offers, commands a higher asking price and on average sell for 8% more than non-staged homes. On a property worth £300,000, that's a whopping extra £24,000.

What does Home Staging cost?

A professional Home Staging service costs on average 1-2% of the property value.
So on a £300,00 home the mid-range cost would be £4,500.

The researched statistics quoted by HSR International show an increase in value of 6-25%
and a faster sale resulting in a very good net profit on the investment.

What opportunities are there for a Home Staging business?

Companies spend millions creating the right image for their products through display and presentation. Professional Home Staging, 'the art of making a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers', is very popular in the US and increasingly growing as a business service both in the UK, Europe, Australia and throughout the world.

CHSSP® Graduates include successful Home Staging businesses established in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, North America, Barbados, South America, Spain, France, Austria, Italy, Serbia, Luxemberg, Czechia, Hungary, Croatia, Greece and Thailand.

For many years US Homeowners have used staging companies to get their property sold faster for more money. UK homeowners are increasingly catching on, taking up services and getting into the Home Staging philosophy.

The future for Home Staging businesses

The total number of UK housing transactions in 2020 were 1,074,490. Those transactions are forecast to rise to a total of over 1.3 million by the year 2022. (Source:

New build house sales average around 200,000 each year. These figures show that almost a million homeowners and investors put property on the market and sold each year. In additional a large number put their property on the market but fail to sell. That's over a million properties going to market and available to benefit from Home Staging services. Approximately 200,000 new build properties annually can benefit from show home staging - as property developers increasingly turn to staging companies to get the best price on their investment.

Research from estate agent Savills revealed that 53 homes worth over £1 million were sold in the UK every single day in 2019. Or put another way, one property worth over £1 million sold every 27 minutes, with a record 19,300 homes sold in this price bracket during 2019. That's a sizeable property portfolio of worth available for Home Staging Services.
Author: Anita Richardson, CHSSP® Course Director. Founder of the Home Staging Network. CEO of House Wow. Source and Credits for statistics as stated above.

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