Am I suited to Home Staging and can I make a go of running my own Home Staging business?

Many people with an interest in home styling, a love of colour and a passion for property, think about having the freedom to make their own choices, work for themselves and start a Home Staging business. But is it for you and could you make it work? If you read this checklist it will help you to understand more clearly what's involved and whether getting your first foot on the Home Staging business ladder, as a business owner, will be the right thing for you.

Styling Skills

Do you enjoy interior styling and colour schemes to make your home more attractive?

If you find yourself assessing style, colour scheme and layout when in a friend's house or a new restaurant, considering how you'd improve the layout, the colour scheme or the accessorising... then you've got the styling bug!

Most people interested in becoming a Home Stager already have a natural aptitude for creativity and design. With Home Staging you don't need an Interior Design qualification to become a Home Staging professional. It's not essential because Home Staging requires a different skill set to Interior Design and it's not about tailoring styling to the homeowner's tastes and preferences.

Practical and resourceful

Are you practical and resourceful in styling and creating a finished effect without spending a fortune? Home Staging is about harnessing 'less is more', combining it with resourceful styling and a flourish of co-ordinated colour in a layout that works for each unique property. We can show you how and turn your styling enthusiasm into professional Home Staging.

Housing market awareness

Are you interested in property and what makes some shine more than others in a crowded property market? You need a keen interest in property and an awareness of the buying and selling process to become a professional Home Stager so that you can help property sellers to make the most of their home when putting it on the market to sell.

People person

Do you enjoy chatting to people and helping a new person in a social or work situation understand facts and information?

Home Staging consultations involve chatting to home owners in a relaxed and friendly way whilst advising them about making the most of their property layout, storage, styling and presentation. The CHSSP course guides new-start businesses on the finer points of this, shows example clients and projects in videos - and yes, mentions tact and homeowners pets too!

Managing a project

You may find yourself planning a timetable of changes and booking trades people such as decorators. This is not very different to completing work on your own home. Good organisation and templates for timetables and work planning will help you to get the hang of this.

Women business owners

According to new research by the Recruit Venture Group only a quarter of working women who are employed are happy in their work, while nearly three quarters who are self-employed say they're in their dream job. That's compared to only nine per cent of female employees who have found their dream job working for someone else.

Starting a new business can be exciting, if you're well organised and know what to expect. Begin with the business start up checklist in the CHSSP course and tick off items as you build your knowledge. Deciding on a suitable business name, choosing business insurance and managing your time working from home are covered in detail. Essential Home Staging business documents, including report and quotation templates, are provided.
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Self motivation is important when running your own Home Staging business, with homeowners to meet and projects to plan. Does Home Staging sound like something you would enjoy?

If you're motivated to take the next steps then the CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional course will give you the skills, an industry qualification and the confidence to start your own Home Staging business.
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