Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Virtual Home Staging Business Services

With the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no doubt that it is has had a significant effect on all business activity, how clients access services and the economy overall. Home Staging businesses need to change and adapt to working from home occasionally as new variants appear. These changes should be embraced and do offer new opportunitues for the Staging industry to be transformed in the longer term. We have become more agile and responsive to clients who are cautious about visitors to their homes.

We want you to stay safe and take all necessary precautions. It's time to take practical steps to act, rather than become anxious.

We've put together this guide with information and guidance about how to stay safe and how to develop your Home Staging business activity to adapt to changing times and new requirements from clients.

We've added useful Coronavirus links at the end of the article on advice for businesses, financial help and rights and information on travel. These are links outside the CHSSP website, with information updated as circumstances are change.

"COVID-19- changing your
Home Staging business to offer some services from home"


UK Government and NHS advice is currently as follows.

To avoid catching the virus:

- Practise careful hand hygiene, washing hands after being in public places
- Avoid touching your face
- Use a face mask on public transport and in public spaces
- Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
- Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
- Take a test and stay at home for 7 days if you have symptoms(a high temperature, you feel hot to touch on your chest or back; a new, continuous cough)
- Work from home when advised
- Contact 111 only if you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, get worse or don't feel better in 7 days

"How to adapt your Home Staging Business to work from home
during a Corona Virus shut down"


Currently the Home Staging industry and Real Estate Agents can go out to work and visit clients in their homes.

However, Home Stagers will need to take positive action and adapt business services to meet the challenges. Restrictions to working arrangements by working from home, either by government intervention or client preference, may change from time to time as new variants are announced. New remote services that we are able to offer are becoming better understood and more readily taken up by property sellers to access services to present their property for sale.

'Reinvention rather than recession' is the positive way to approach changes and become proactive.

The good news is that technology is our friend in these times and there are a number of options to deliver services to clients whilst remaining at a distance and working from home. Clients will start to adjust and may prefer these services as time goes on. They will become familiar with new types of services and take up 'virtual' or 'remote' services more readily. We can include virtual options in our services as well as Home Staging in person.

"The Good News is that technology is our friend
at times like these.
" Anita Richardson


'Virtual Home Staging' can refer to a number of types of services but are predominantly the following:

"Now is the time to embrace technology because these changes
may be with us for a very long time"


A Virtual Home Staging Consultation can take place via different types of live video call. We can offer services to property sellers with a video link, they can walk you around their property, discussing the rooms and listening to your advice just as if you were there. Home Stagers can enable would be property sellers to start preparing their homes for marketing whilst they are at home more often. At this time they may have more time available as social gatherings are not possible. They can start to delcutter and start to style their home. We can chat and talk through all the same information that we would at a visit to their home. We can provide styling suggestions, a full report or organise purchases delivered directly to them.

Here are a few options for linking with the client by live video call:

Whats App video call
Messenger Video Call

There are other commercial video call options available, but most clients will be familiar with at least one of the above and understanding how to use it will make it easier for you to promote your service. The Home Stager will have an initial chat, set out the expectations of the call and ask the client to conduct a video walkthrough of the property showing the Stager all of the areas of the home as if they were in the property conducting a Home Staging site visit.

"Home Staging Consultation
by video chat and walkthough"


Virtual or Remote Home Staging and styling is a service provided without visiting the property. A Video Consultation may take place initially with further support video calls and eventually an electronic styling or Staging plan produced and emailed to the client.

We can provide full and bespoke rooms scheme designs and visuals in an electronic or 'e-Report'. The CHSSP Staging course includes software options to prepare and present a remote digital report with graphics and illustrations, design schemes, floor plans and 3D visuals.

Home Stagers may use any proprietary software including MS Word to produce a document and then format as a PDF before emailing to the client. Other options are Powerpoint or Apple Mac pages. We cover these and design scheme software in Module 3 of the CHSSP course.

"Virtual Staging is a Service provided without visiting
the property."


Due to COVID-19 Cities and whole communities may face lockdown to halt the virus. It's highly likely that property buyers will enjoy viewing using Virtual Tours and their popularty will increase long after after the epidemic subsides. Home Stagers should embrace this technology and take steps now to collaborate with Virtual Tour suppliers and recommend these options to our clients.

It usually takes many viewings to decide on the house of someones dreams, but a quality virtual tour, for Staged property and Show Homes will save time, money and avoid the social contact which risks infection. We can view property in whole 3D 'dolls house' virtual reality as in the image above, choose rooms to view and virtually 'tour' the whole property.

Visuals in the property tour include clear detail of rooms such as the bedroom above and we have the option to move from room to room in virtual reality.

Coronona virus has instilled fear and anxiety in many people and before cases subside it's likely that there will have been a change in services as people adapt to a new post-corona era.

Home Stagers can use a 3D video tour service as added value for clients. We can advise our property seller clients about Staging over video link and then contract in a 3D video tour company for visuals and floorpans. It's important to collaborate with quality 3D virtual tour companies to provide the benefits of this service to our clients.

Quality floor plans are available with the video tour walkthrough as in the above image and these are excellent options to give visual representation of the property with furnishings and accessories.

"Home Stagers can advise our property seller clients
about property presentation and staging over video link"


As the economy slows, Home Stagers may need to find a cost effective solution for clients with budgets that cannot stretch to full furnishing and Show Home Staging of empty property.

The next step in this process is not just to create videos of the staged property, but to create the whole Staging electronically in either image edit or a virtual video tour.

This option has considerable cost savings for the client and the Stager can direct furnishings suitable for the property type without the need for removal vans, storage or installation. Everything happens virtually and the partner company create the staged rooms. The positive result of this for the Home Stager is that we can fit more of this work into our working week, we don't have to see it as a reduced workload or profit margins as long as we prepare and plan for this type of work.

Virtual Styling or Electronic Styling or CGI (computer generated imagery) involves producing CGI imagery for property sellers, developers with Show Home presentation including furnishings and accessories produced in either images or 3D video walkthroughs of fully staged rooms. There are a number of companies available to contract in to change empty rooms into fully staged images for marketing.

Rather than lose a client with a low budget we can work with a Virtual Staging company to prepare images with 'virtual furniture and furnishings'.

As property buyers become accustomed to viewing property from 3D tour videos on property portals and make a shortlist of property to view in person, the 'virtual staged' property will become the new norm. When arriving at the 'empty property' to take a real tour, they will need to have access to the video version with images on their smart phone in order to visualise the property furnished.

A real estate listing can stand out with a Virtual Staging Service, advising vendors on best presentation and staging and placing stunning modern designs into an empty room; it's guaranteed to bring more interest, more viewings and more sales.

Don't underestimate your worth. The value of a Home Stager cannot be underestimated in the property sales process. We can still be as effective in building client rapport and being creative with property presentation skills using virtual video consultations and digital reports.

Keep safe and carry on but reconsider your business services with ideas like virtual staging to offer new value and work effectively in the current climate. Above all "Be Kind", so often said but now is the time to take this to heart, we're all in this together. If we can help get in touch.

Anita Richardson, CHSSP® Home Staging Course Co-ordinator, HouseWow® Director and Home Staging Network founder.

* Recommended suppliers for services mentioned in this article and other suppliers to the Home Staging industry can be found at CHSSP Members Resources inside the CHSSP Staging course

* Find out more about the CHSSP® Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional course and start a creative business which works for you. See more...

"Home Staging Consultation
by video chat and walkthough"


In a world where fake news can be scary and create uncertaintly, we've put together the best links for trusted advice and information on Cornavirus, health, symptoms, government advice, support for businesses and World Health organisation updates so that you can access relevant information and keep up to date. Let us know if you need any further questions answered and we'll try our best to help.


There are a raft of Govt financed measures available for individuals and businesses but things are changing daily. This advice for businesses via will be kept up to date regularly so its the place to go first if you need help.

UK Govt Guidance for employees, employers and businesses


As countries respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including travel and border restrictions, the FCO advises British nationals against all but essential international travel. Any country or area may restrict travel without notice.

UK Govt Travel Advice


Advice and plans by the UK Govt are changing quickly, but this website will keep things up to date. Also look out for the Govt up dates daily at 5pm and reported in the news shortly afterwards.

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It's so important to be keep in touch with our older relatives at this time. I've recently delivered food and essential supplies to my 83 year old mum who lives at home and is self-isolating for safety. She's quite a techy and we FaceTime often, she can order food online but the earliest delivery recently was 2 weeks (this is now changing with some supermarkets prioritising online delivery slots for the elderly - Sainsburys are leading the way). 'some good advice for video communications if your older relatives are not so tech friendly.

Coronavirus - Tech support to keep in touch with older relatives

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