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The C.H.S.S.P. Home Staging and Property Styling Professional Course have partnered with Lake Mill Consulting to develop Business Terms and Conditions Templates specifically for the Home Staging and Interior Design industry.

Home Staging, Interior Design and Styling businesses need relevant documentation applicable to local law. A Business Terms and Conditions document details your legal obligations and the client's obligations when signing a contract to take out services.

With custom T&C documents you will have peace of mind that regulations and laws are covered to make your business compliant with regulations and GDPR (The General Data Protection Act).

Why do I need a Business Terms and Conditions document?

When working in your own business to supply services there are a number of legal responsibilities that you must comply with, to provide a fair and reasonable service to the best of your ability, with a reasonable level of care and skill. You need to communicate the terms of the services to the client. In order that the terms are clearly communicated and understood by the client these terms should be in writing.

When do I use a Business T&C for my services?

A contract is formed between the business and the client when you agree a quotation which details the unique services to be provided. A Business Terms and Conditions document is a generic document covering your general terms of business and legal principles and regulations that goes along with the quotation. This avoids any chance of miscommunication and secures a legally binding contract between you, your business and the client.

What is included in a Business T&C ?

A Business T&C Should include a definition of terms within the document, the clients obligations to you, reference to terms for timescales and delivery, Payment terms, warranty, cancellation terms, limitation of liability, reference to terms for any 3rd party suppliers that you many use (or contract in), data protection regulations, copyright notices, health and safety regulations, a reference to covid-19 safety precautions, a complaints process and more.

Why buy Business T&C templates from us?

CHSSP is a registered UK Learning Providers (REF: UKPRN: 10045055) and has worked with a specialist Consultancy to create a custom set of Business Terms and Conditions documents for three types of client.

The templates are suitable for small to medium sized Home Staging, Interior Design and Styling businesses.

3 unique Business T&C templates used for services for different clients:

(1) Residential customers,
(2) Commercial customers,
(3) When contracting Furniture and Accessory hire directly with your customer.

What's included?

•   Completely up-to-date 2021, including reference to GDPR and COVID-19.
•   A4 documents with options for signing by the client.
•   Business T&C are different to website T&C and not to be displayed on your website.
•   For use with a Quotation document which details the particulars of each job.
•   Delivered by email as a word document to add your business name and contact details.
•   Available for use within your personal business and NOT for resale.
•   The detailed legal clauses protect your business and client rights under relevant UK Law.

Includes but not limited to the following clauses:

1.00 Definitions
2.00 Formation of contract
3.00 Services
4.00 Client Obligations
5.00 Timescales and delivery
6.00 Risk and Title in goods
7.00 Payment
8.00 Warranty
9.00 Cancellation
10.0 Limitation of liability
11.00 Third party Suppliers
12.00 Assignment of Agreement
13.00 General conditions
14.00 Contact
15.00 Events outside our control
16.00 Data protection
17.00 Copyright
18.00 Health & Safety
19.00 Complaints

Choose from the following Business T&C Templates:

(1)  1 x Business T&C - Home Staging and Interior Design Services - Residential clients
(2)  1 x Business T&C - Home Staging and Interiors Services - Commercial clients
(3)  1 x Business T&C - Home Staging and Furniture/ Accessory Rental Services


£90.00 each - or 3 for the price of 2 - £180.00.

Optional - pay an additional £45.00 now to future proof the templates and receive updated Business T&C in 2021 when the UK leaves the European Union if any regulations change during 2021.

PLUS Special Time Limited Offer

(4) Buy all Business T&C for the price of two PLUS receive the following business website terms:

•   Website T&C template
•   Website Privacy Policy template

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1) Business T&C for Home Staging and Interior Design Services: Residential clients £90.00
2) Business T&C for Home Staging and Interior Design Services: Commercial clients £90.00
3) Business T&C for Home Staging and Furniture/ Accessory Rental Services £90.00
4) Buy all 3 documents above. £180.00
Pay an additional £45.00 now to receive updated Business T&C during 2021 if any regulations change when the UK leaves the European Union.
Please confirm that you have read the Terms of Purchase below

Terms of Purchase

Terms for purchase and use of the Business T&C templates:

(i) You agree by purchasing the templates that you waive the 14 day right to cancel in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 for online purchases of digital products.
(ii) After purchase the Templates are provided for immediate download in Word document (.docx) The default, XML-based document format for Word 2008 for Mac, Word for Mac 2011, Word 2016 for Mac, Word 2007 for Windows, Word 2010 for Windows, Word 2013 for Windows, and Word 2016 for Windows.
(ii) pdf versions including your business name & address can be supplied at an additional cost of £20 per document. Contact us before ordering.
(iv) Templates are supplied for use within your business and not for sharing or resale. Copyright is retained in the name of HSC Design Ltd.
(v) Individual advice is not included in purchase of these templates. However, we can recommend a Consultant to tailor templates to your business needs.
(vi) Templates are in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom for GDPR and Data Protection.
(vii) Contact us before purchase for Business T&C, Website terms or privacy statements relevant to laws in the EU, United States or other regions.
(viii) Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the templates, however CHSSP® and HSC Design Ltd do not accept any liability for loss or damage in their use.
(ix) After purchase read the templates carefully and be satisfied that they meet your business needs before use. Include your business name and contacts and amend as required. Field options for amendment are clearly indicated.
Offer: Buy Now and Receive the Website terms and privacy templates with any purchase.
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