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Anita Richardson, CHSSP Home Staging Course Author

   Answers by Anita Richardson, 

    CHSSP Course Director.

CHSSP Home Staging Course - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between an Interior Designer and a Home Staging Professional? 


An Interior Designer must be Interior Design qualified and a Home Staging professional might not be. However a Home Staging professional may also be Interior Design Qualified. 


An Interior Designer may have specific specialisms, but generally a residential Interior Designer will take a brief from a customer and then advise them on a suitable design scheme which meets their requirements.


A Home Staging professional focuses on changes to a home which will increase the perceived value of the property, improve the marketing potential and improve the selling price.  


Home staging recommendations are not necessarily in line with a customer's personal preferences and in most instances are different to a customer's preferences because home staging is about what the homeowner ought to change to improve marketing potential. 


Home Staging advice is usually mainly cosmetic, involving interior decoration, style, room layout, colour schemes and accessorising; but in some instances can involve structural changes to a property or changes to fixtures and fittings such as bathrooms and kitchens to improve buyer appeal and property value.


The CHSSP Course gives the additional information required to become proficient at interior styling with the property market and potential buyers as the key focus and not the property owner's style preferences.  In a Home Staging project there will be no brief from the owner about style - only their requirements regarding selling timescale and budget. 


The CHSSP Home Staging course presents a number of client and property examples with a range of home Staging solutions. The Course advises on methodology of communication for maximum tact and diplomacy with customers. The CHSSP Course also provides information on Property buying and selling process and important factors about marketing and promoting your business to relevant property professionals.


What is the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?


An Interior Designer offers services which may include structural design alterations. 


An Interior Designer has studied and qualified in a course which includes structural changes to property.  


An Interior Designer has knowledge about structural issues and fixtures and fittings as well as the cosmetic decor and styling.


An Interior Designer will have knowledge for example about knocking down walls to open up spaces or adding false walls or ceilings to create design features. 


An Interior Decorator is skilled with Interior Decor - mainly cosmetic finishes such as the wall coverings, floorings, window treatments, furniture, soft furnishings, colour schemes, design themes and final design features. 


Both an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator can suggest Bedroom interior design , Bathroom design ideas, modern interior design, living rooms designs etc. but for structural design then a customer will have added confidence in the qualifications of an Interior Designer.  However, even an Interior Designer will call upon the services of a structural surveyor or architect if detailed structural alterations or plans are required. 


A none Interior Design qualified person may have substantial skills through experience of structural changes to property, but it would be important to check their previous work, portfolio and references.


CHSSP Further Questions


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