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About the CHSSP Home Staging and Property Styling Professional Course

CHSSP, the Certified Home Staging and Styling professional course is the UK'S leading home staging course and has been training individuals to run successful Home Staging businesses since 2012. The CHSSP course offers a flexible online home study with creative learning and real project examples, videos and audio. Course work is supported and assessed by Tutors who are UK Home Staging professionals.

"The course exceeded all my expectations. The interactive exercises were inspiring!"
Florence Cotterill.

So what is Home Staging and why is it different to Interior Design?

Home Staging services are more prescriptive than Interior Design services and less reliant on a client's personal style preferences. This is because a Home Stager advises the property seller about presenting property for sale to get the best price and to sell quickly. The CHSSP course trains expertise to prioritise the client's budget for maximum effect in styling all types of property to appeal to prospective buyers.

"The CHSSP course really does prepare you for all aspects of the home staging industry. It's great value for money and an excellent overview of the sector."
Didem Luxton.

What is a career in Home Staging like?

Every property or home to be staged is different and each Home Stager chooses the types of services they prefer to offer, the hours they want to work and the way they want to run their business. There are lots of options and the CHSSP course details each type of service and how to go about setting a Home Staging business up. Home Staging is a creative career, you can choose the hours you wish to work, be your own boss and make the business work to suit your style and lifestyle. It's very satisfying to create styles and changes in a property that help to sell it faster and at the best price. The property market is always interesting and life as a Home Stager is never dull!

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"The course has been fabulous... It has enabled me to change direction and confidently launch my own Home Staging Business. Having completed the course I feel well equipped to manage all elements confidently and professionally."
Deborah Cox

Why choose CHSSP?

CHSSP is a fully comprehensive course, including all aspect of styling property to sell, design visuals, running a home staging business, dealing with clients and managing payments and finances. Home Staging business stationery templates and examples of unique Home Staging documentation such as quotations and costings spreadsheets are included within the course.

The author of the CHSSP Home Staging and Property Styling Course is Anita Richardson, Director of UK Home Staging and Styling company HouseWow ®, and founder of The Home Staging Network.

Anita started her Home Staging business as a sole trader, and from small beginnings with declutter and styling jobs, built a successful business creating home staging transformations and property sales before developing showhomes, store dressing and photography shoots for holiday accommodation as part of a successful Limited company. House Wow now has a team of 11 expert Associate Interior Designers and Home Stagers. Committed to developing the Home Staging industry in the UK through shared information and education, Anita has shared her knowledge of Home Staging and Home Staging business development for over 15 years; featuring as a Home Staging expert on TV and in the media including BBC1's Right on the Money, Sky TV's 'Women in Property', 'The Telegraph', 'The Independent', 'Show House Magazine' and 'House Beautiful'.

"The customer videos were very important because then you can see how the relationship between Stager and customer really happened. The costings were also helpful"

How will I cope with an online course? Is it technical?

The online course information is simply webpages with information, images, videos and audio talk throughs accessed by login and an easy to follow menu. Course work is typed into text boxes, images uploaded and everything is saved in the cloud on our secure servers, students can login from any location or device that can access the internet and see all modules and exercises easily from a personal student learning platform. Even the most techno-phobic have found the online course easy to work through!

"The CHSSP course exceeded my expectations in its content and course management. For anyone who thinks online learning is dry, this is engaging and practical learning."
Lindsey Cameron

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How long does it take to set up a Home Staging business?

The average time to complete the course is 10 weeks, completing one module per week. It takes a few weeks to get a business started and all information from tax to a home office is contained within the course.

"CHSSP has built on my skills and taught me new things along the way. The course has helped me learn the difference between home make overs and home staging with regards to budget and work required. It has given me the confidence I need to look to pursue a new career and start my own business."
Lucy Perks

What happens after I complete the CHSSP course?

After completion you can choose when to start your business. Graduates receive a CHSSP Certificate, A CHSSP verified Business webpage and a listing in the CHSSP Home Stagers Directory. We'll keep you updated about Home Staging industry events. You can also continue to access CHSSP resources and your course work for 12 months. After this it's currently just £30 per year to renew these Membership benefits each year.

"This was a very good course for me to follow while I was in the process of launching my own Home Staging business. The most useful part of the course was in learning how very different Home Staging is from Interior Decorating, which was my previous career. I feel far more empowered to continue with my business having completed the course."
Annabel Toyne Sewell

Things our students tell us they like about the CHSSP Home Staging course:

  • Builds new skills and confidence.
  • Practical and fun.
  • Flexible study.
  • CHSSP Certificate.
  • Develops from one room styling to full house projects.
  • Lots of videos and images.
  • CHSSP Business webpage.
  • Lots of resources.
  • Tutor support.
  • CHSSP Directory of Home Stagers.
  • Easy to use online menu.
  • Feedback for coursework.
  • CHSSP Membership.
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