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C.H.S.S.P. Home Staging Certification


The C.H.S.S.P. Home Staging and Property Styling Course provides a Home Staging Certificate on successful completion of the course.


Why is home staging certification important?


The CHSSP Home Staging Certificate provides customers with evidence of your home staging professional status and shows that you have learned the skills necessary to provide home staging services at a professional level.

 C.H.S.S.P. Home Staging Certificate


When is the CHSSP Home Staging certificate provided?


The CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Property Styling course provides a certificate after successful completion of the course work in association with the Home Staging Network. The certificate shows that participants have reached a professional level of achievement within the Home Staging and property styling industry and details the date of achievement, the Graduate's name and unique CHSSP verified reference.  The certificate is signed by the course Director.


The CHSSP Course provides a comprehensive range of practical information for individuals who already provide or want to provide Home Staging services. The course sets real project exercises using actual Home Staging property projects and their solutions. Course work is assessed, feedback is provided and the CHSSP Home Staging and Property Styling Certificate is awarded to successful candidates who submit work to a sufficiently high standard and show professional levels of achievement in Home Staging, customer liaison, property market awareness and business practise. 


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