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Finding a Home Staging Professional


Look for the CHSSP logo to find Home Staging Consultants who have successfully completed the CHSSP Home Staging Professional Course.


There will be a number of Home Staging businesses available within your area. However, as there is no accredited body which sets training standards for Home Staging and Property Styling services, it is very important to choose a Home Staging Consultant with the right credentials for your requirements. 


The CHSSP Home Staging and Property Styling Professional course provides a thorough and quality course of study which is case study lead to provide students with a detailed insight into the real business of home staging and property styling. Students  submit work and are assessed before graduating as a CHSSP Professional. 

The CHSSP Certificate is awarded to individuals and not the business, so the Consultant you contract to carry out work will have a personal CHSSP Certificate and Registration number.  CHSSP Graduates can provide you with a website link to their CHSSP verification page at chssp.com. 

In additional all CHSSP Graduates are advised about appropriate insurance to cover their business services.  


Any Home Staging Consultant offering services should confirm the costs and terms and conditions of the job in writing. This avoids any misunderstanding about the details. CHSSP Students are provided with stationery and document templates to enable them to provide a professional service to customers.


The CHSSP Directory is currently under construction. In the meantime you can find CHSSP Qualified Home Staging and Property Styling Consultants from the CHSSP Graduate list below:


CHSSP Home Staging Professionals 

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