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CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional Course 


Index of course content


Module 1

Home Staging and Styling property to sell

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Self Assessment Questionnaire

1.3 Home Staging Key Issues




Sourcing Furniture and Accessories


First Impressions

Kerb Appeal


Space and Layout

Repairs and upgrades

Cleanliness - Essentials



Buyers Tour

Preparation for a Viewing

Structural issues


1.4 Home Staging and Styling by Room Type

Living Room



Dining room

Children's rooms





Module 2 

Home Staging and Styling Skills

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Colour in Design

Psychology in colour

Feature walls

The colour wheel

Primary, secondary and tertiary colours

Colour harmony

Monochrome colours

Analogous colours

Complimentary colours

Split complimentary colours

Triadic colours

Tetradic colours

Paints - choosing by type

Painter and decorators


2.3 Lighting options


Chandelier Styles

Table lamp styles

Floor lamp styles

Natural Light and how to maximize

Make the room appear larger

Make the room appear taller

Make the room appear cosier

Perfect bathroom lighting

Accent lighting

Bulb type and differences

Fittings and effects

Space enhancing options


2.4 De-cluttering

Decluttering Introduction

Motivating the client

Three box system

Longer term storage options

Skip hire or rubbish collection

Ornaments and accessorising

Storage options

Cupboard clutter

Space saving options

Organising documents

Clutter-free surfaces

De-clutter service options

Keeping things tidy for viewings


2.5 Home Staging reports

Introduction to Home Staging reports 

Key report sections

Types of report

Initial draft

Added value

Images in the report

Tact, diplomacy and assessment of the clients needs

Report suggestions and headings

When a client does not implement report suggestions

Phased changes

Providing option

Electronic Home Staging reports


Module 3 

Building a Portfolio for a Home Staging and Styling business


3.1 Introduction

3.2 Building a portfolio

Building a portfolio Introduction

How to generate styling work for your first portfolio

Property staging photography

Presenting a portfolio

Software options for a portfolio


3.3 Floor plans and Scale drawings

Floor plans and Scale drawings Introduction

Room planner software

Scale drawings in home staging projects

Scale drawings at the appointment

Estimating rooms sizes

Costing creating floor plans

Rendered drawings

Technical drawing options for scale floor plans

Surveying a room and taking measurements

How to measure up

Surveying and sketching

Commons symbols found in architect plans

How to draw a scale floorplan by hand

How to draw an elevation drawing

Equipment for scale drawings

About a scale ruler

Example scale drawings

Design scheme board

Design theme board

Scale drawing practical exercises


3.4 Property photography

Tips for taking property photography on site

Getting authorisation to use client photography

Safe storage and back up of images

More information on photography


Module 4 

Property and the Property Market

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Property buying and selling guide

Buying Property 





Making an offer

Selling property

Target market and timing

De-clutter and de-personalise

Instructing a solicitor

Costs to consider when buying property

Valuation and Selling prices

Preparing for viewers

How to conduct the viewing

Accepting offers

Choosing and Estate Agent

What is a property portal?

Types of Estate Agent contracts

Sole Agency

Sole selling rights

Multiple agency

Estate Agency charges

Re-marketing after home staging

The conveyancing process


Pre-contract papers

Pre-contract searches and enquiries

Investigation of title

Approved draft contract

Exchange of contract

Preparation of purchase deed

Approval of purchase deed


Post completion matters

Selling property privately

Before marketing with an Estate Agent

During marketing with an Estate Agent

Useful links


4.3 Suppliers, Trades, Contractors and Service

Self Storage Companies

Kitchen showrooms

Fabric, curtain and upholstery retailers

Local contractor links

Contractor discounts

Retail suppliers

Online suppliers

Trades suppliers

Interior Design Exhibitions

Tips when attending a trade exhibition

Finding a tradesperson

Tradespersons finders fee

Spot the cowboy

Trades person glossary of terms


4.4 Mid-course Self Assessment Questionnaire


Module 5

Customer Liaison and Documentation for a Home Staging and Styling business


5.1 Introduction


5.2 Client liaison

Encouraging customer co-operation

Personal presentation

Before the appointment 

Client confirmation letter

Terms and conditions

Managing the appointment

How to research the property

Organising documentation

Planning the job

At the appointment -

Meeting the client

Client participation

Collecting information at the appointment 

Photographing the property

Home Staging Consultants brief case - what to take

After the appointment -

Producing an action plan

Client Feedback form

Requesting payment and invoicing

Information storage and managing accounts


Useful links


5.3 Home Staging services options


Types of services to offer

Consultation and advice

Project management

Full home staging service

Property styling

Services for Estate AgentsFurniture packs

Furniture rental

Charges, fees and contracts -

Fee levels

Fees early in business

Fees as you progress

What to charge

Action plan fees

Defining fees and services

An email contract or Home Staging and Styling

The law and contracts for Home Staging and Styling


Module 6 

Business Start up and running a Home Staging and Styling business


6.1 Introduction


6.2 Business

Creating a Business plan

Business strategy

Market research

Naming your business

Choosing the types of business suitable for you

Sole Trader


Limited company

About Franchises and Associate schemes

HM Revenue and Customs - how to register for tax

Self employed Tax for Home Stagers

VAT and whether it is suitable for your business

Business premises

Working from home as a Home Stager - what do I need to know?

Accountants - do I need an accountant?

Business bank accounts - do I need a business bank account?

Legal advice

Types of Insurance for Home Staging businesses

The Data protection Act - what do I need to know?

Useful links


6.3 Writing a business plan

How to write a business plan for a Home Staging business

Business plan template 


6.4 Documentation for Home Staging and Styling businesses

Examples, forms and templates for Home Staging and Styling businesses

About paper records and electronic record keeping

Accounts record keeping for Home staging and styling businesses

Letter head example templates

Example Home Staging business leaflet

Example Home Staging business flyers

Fax template

Business card templates

Business accounts spreadsheet

Business cashflow spreadsheet

Business start up checklist action plan template

Invoice template

Home Staging consultation appointment survey template

Home Staging appointment confirmation letter to client

Home Staging Action plan template

Home staging Contract template

Home Staging programme of work template

Home Staging and Styling Quotation template

Show Home Contract template

Home Staging report template

Timetable - client copy template

Timesheet - stager copy

Order sheet template

Client feedback form template

Marketing contacts template

Marketing letter to Estate Agent template

Marketing letter to home owner template

Marketing article to local newspaper example template

Portfolio of Home Staging, Styling and Design work template

Supplier contact sheet template

Services and trades contacts template

Client contact record template


Module 7

Marketing your own Home Staging business


7.1 Introduction


7.2 Marketing your Home Staging business

Networking - local and professional options

Networking - via social media options and how to manage

Internet marketing - what is SEO - Search engine optimisation for my website?

Promoting your business brand - 

Email marketing

How to avoid your emails going to spam

Free and low cost options to market your business

How to market your home staging business to Estate Agents

Media and advertising - will it work for my home staging business?

Writing effective copy for my home staging business

Creating free editorial opportunity for your home staging business

Useful Links


Module 8

Show Home Introduction


8.1 An introduction to styling show homes



Show home installation

Choosing Flat pack or ready made furniture?

Planning and timetabling a show home

Top tips for planning a show home project


Module 9 

Developing your own practical projects


9.1 Practical projects Introduction 


CHSSP Student resources include:

Room planner and styling software

Picture re-sizer

Creating an image collage - advice and options

Furniture rental company recommendation

Home Staging Network membership discount

Home Staging business Insurance recommendation

Build your own Website

Other business start up partners



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