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CHSSP Home Staging Course - Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need computer skills to complete the course?


The online CHSSP course is very user friendly and some of our Students have very little computing skills when they start. 


"Anyone who is passionate about home interiors will absolutely love the CHSSP course. Once started, it is so enjoyable it is almost addictive! The software is very user friendly and all the relevant business start information is contained throughout."
Elizabeth, Northern Ireland, CHSSP


The course content and your work is basically all contained within its own software, available through your login and student menu. Content is displayed to you on screen at the click of a button under different headings. It's easy to move about from one area to another such as modules to resources or exercises to a project reveal you looked at previously.

Videos, background notes on property projects and reveals of project solutions are shown on screen at the click of a button or link.


"I have enjoyed this course more than any other I have studied! As well as being extremely practical as it is all online 24/7 it is very comprehensive."
Jo Ridehalgh, CHSSP 
The Organised House.

To complete an exercise you type into a box (similar to how you would in an online form) and click a button on the screen to 'save' your work as you go along. Just click a button at the end of the exercise to 'submit'.

Your work saves to our CHSSP cloud servers so that it can never be lost. We back it up so that you don't have to worry about your own computer or files or saving or looking for things. That's why when you login to your CHSSP student area everything is available, wherever you are and on whatever device.

So, if you change your computer or you travel or your computer packs in - no need to worry, we've got it covered. You can log in to everything for up to a year after completing the course and, if you decide to join as a CHSSP qualified Member you can keep access for a small annual sum of £25 (+VAT).

To put images into your course work we show you how and where to find them, how to click upload and hey presto, the image will appear in your work. If your chosen image is too big or you want to show only part of it there is an easy sizer/crop tool to use. If you find any of these confusing then we'll talk you through it at Tutor support.



"This course worked extremely well for me, as I had a lot of other commitments, therefore my time to study was limited. It is informative, clear and well put together, and presented in a very good way."
Deena Currie, CHSSP
5 Elements Lifestyle

CHSSP also has an image collage maker for you to use, and if you've not done this before you won't believe how easy it is - or how useful it will become in your business.
The most challenging thing for the complete computer novice will be the 3D design and floor planner software available within the course. However, it's NOT a compulsory part of the course. It's there for those who choose to take their skills and business to the next level and there are video tutorials to watch for those who wish to learn this element. 


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