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CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Property Styling Professional Course - Frequently Asked Questions

The C.H.S.S.P. Home Staging and Property Styling Course consists of 9 online exercise modules that are based on actual Home Staging jobs that required the work of a full time experienced Home Stager in order to deliver the solution. These are real Home Stagers that have been delivering solutions to actual customers for many years and have lots of experience within the industry. You will gradually build on the theory that you are learning on the course and apply it directly to real Home Staging situations. When the time comes to work on your very own first real Home Staging job with a real customer you will feel that you have already experienced first hand many of the issues that you might be faced with - making it much less daunting.

You can study from home or anywhere with an internet connection all at your own pace and at times suitable to you. Some students choose to work on the course full time and complete it within 4 to 6 weeks, whilst others prefer to do just one evening a week and complete it within a year, the choice is totally yours. The course also includes 3D Designer room planner software, online course materials and tutor support.

Your work will be assessed by a highly experienced tutor at the end of the course. This means that the course will force you to think very carefully about all the exercise answers you are submitting - which is exactly what you would have to do on every single Home Staging job, if you are serious about wanting to become a self employed Home Stager.

Each module of the course builds on the previous module and incorporates the necessary knowledge and skills required in order to support a home owner to improve the buyer appeal of their property and present it for sale. Key issues covered include setting up your own Home Staging business, Writing Home Staging reports, Customer communications, Room design and layout, Home staging business document templates, marketing your home staging business and the property market.
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Question 1: Do I need computer skills to complete the CHSSP Home Staging course?

The online CHSSP course is very user friendly and Students need very little computing skills.
The CHSSP course content and your work is saved on our servers, so you don't need to download or save anything locally. With an internet connection and a login the content is displayed on screen in your personal student menu from any device you work on. It's easy to move from one item to another such as modules, exercises, resources or a project reveal.
Each module presents different property projects and 'before' home staging details, videos and slideshows. Students work through exercises and provide their suggestions online. After submitting suggestions a link appears with the full "reveal" of the design solution, project, costings, video, slideshows, audio voiceover and transcripts. Once all the coursework has been completed
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Question 2: How do I complete the exercises?

Each learning Module has various topics with information, images and resources about Home Staging and Styling and business start up plus one exercise. Students complete exercises online in text boxes and also upload images in their personal student area. After completing and submitting each exercise the exercise solution and the next module become available.
Students can log in at any time from any computer as long as you have an internet connection. All of work is stored on the secure CHSSP servers so you cannot lose it. The course is compatible with Windows, Mac, ipads and android devices. The course leads you through the content and exercises one Module at a time from a menu. The student learning platform has resources such as Design scheme room planner software and home staging business insurance and suppliers. The student learning platform also provides access to Tutor support.
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Question 3: How long will it take to complete the CHSSP Course?

An average student takes approximately 5 hours per Module over 9 Modules or 45 hours in total. This includes reading the Modules, considering the exercises and completing the exercises.
The average student aims to complete one exercise per week and takes on average 10 to 12 weeks to complete the course. However, study is flexible so that some students have breaks for various commitments, whilst other students work in a focussed way and complete the course in two weeks.
Everyone who has completed has commented that the course is easy to return to and pick up where they left off.  Students are allocated upto 18 months to complete the course. After this time a renewal fee enables 12 months further access. After course completion graduates pay a Membership fee to retain access to course materials, CHSSP resources, a verification page and CHSSP business Directory listing.
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Question 4: Is a Home Staging career for me?

If you enjoy interior styling and everything about making a home attractive then you will enjoy the CHSSP Course because it has lots of practical property styling examples, images and information to make learning fun and to inspire you to complete the course quickly and start a career in Home Staging.
Anita Richardson (CHSSP Author) originally started out by offering Home Staging and styling services as a sole trader but developed the business as a Limited company to become a well known and successful brand. Anita provides Home Staging insight throughout the CHSSP course with business start up advice, real project exercises, client background, reveals and voice overs.
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Question 5: How much knowledge, skills and aptitude will I need to have for a styling and interior styling career?

Most people who are interested in learning more about Home Staging and Property styling as a business already have a natural aptitude for creativity and design. The Home Staging and Property Styling CHSSP Modules 1 to 3 take these existing skills and shape them to give you the confidence and knowledge required to use those skills effectively in a home staging business with paying customers. If you already have a creative aptitude then you're off to a good start!
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Question 6: How much knowledge do I need to have about the property market?

If you keep yourself aware of the housing market , local property prices and issues such as stamp duty rates then you can use CHSSP Module 4 as a refresher. Module 4 provides information about the property buying and selling process. There are useful links to resources where you can keep up to date.
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Question 7: Will I need to work with other people?

Are you a people person? If you enjoy talking about property and want to advise people about how to make the most of property style, practical layout, storage and declutter issues - then again you are almost there. CHSSP Module 5 looks at customer liaison, tact and diplomacy and how to assist clients with wise decisions about changes to their beloved home.
Occassionally you may also find yourself having to deal directly with trades people working at the house under your direction, such as van drivers, decorators and gardeners etc. This is not that much different than having to deal with trades people who are completing work on your own home. Full guidance is provided about trades people and client liaison.
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Question 8: Do I need to know about how to start up a business or being self employed?

If you have ever run a business or started a business before then you will find CHSSP Module 6 Business section a refresher - be sure to use the Business start up checklist so that you don't miss out on useful time saver tips.
If you haven't had any experience of starting or running a business then we give you the essentials to get started as quickly and simply as possible. CHSSP Business Module 6 provides information and resources links to useful Government start up advice. Module 6 also provides over 40 Document templates from stationery, timetables, price estimates, costings to quotations, letters of appointment and business start up checklists. If you're still wondering if you've got what it takes to run a Home Staging business read more here.

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Question 9: How motivated do I need to be to complete the Course?

If you feel motivated to learn more about Home Staging and to make changes in your career then you now have the opportunity to do so. The CHSSP Course makes learning about home staging fun and easy - you will enjoy the learning process. As the images and videos reveal real life home staging projects you will gain confidence and develop Home Staging skills to create fantastic results.
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Question 10: What do I need to do to enrol and get started?

To Enrol the CHSSP Course all you need to do is visit the Enrolment Page (See Link below). Once you have have successfully passed through the enrolment payment process you will be allocated a Userid and Password on the screen. These details will also be emailed to you as well. When you login into CHSSP for the first time you will be asked to complete a simple course registration form. Once that has been completed you will then be able to start your course.

The C.H.S.S.P. course is registered with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

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CHSSP Home Staging course author

The author of the CHSSP Home Staging and Property Styling Course is Home Staging business owner Anita Richardson.

Director of HouseWow and and founder of the International Home Staging Network, Anita has written widely on creating Home Staging business success.
Anita has featured as a Home Staging and House Makeover expert on TV and in the media including BBC1's Right on the Money, Sky TV's 'Women in Property', 'The Telegraph', 'The Independent', 'Show House Magazine', 'House Beautiful' and 'Womans World' as well as others.

Find out more about Anita, course author here

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