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CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Property Styling Professional Course - Frequently Asked Questions


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How long will the CHSSP Course take to complete?  

Is a Home Staging Career for me?


How long the course will take you and whether a Home Staging Career will suit you, depends essentially on your natural styling creativity, any current design skills, people skills and motivation as well as how much time you have available in your busy week. 


Whatever your starting point,  the CHSSP Course content is easy to access, flexible to fit within the time you have available and it will help you to understand exactly what's involved in a Home Staging Career and what you need to know to start a Home Staging and Styling business.


If you enjoy interior styling and everything about making a home attractive then you will enjoy the CHSSP Course because it has lots of practical property styling examples, images and information to make learning fun and to inspire you to complete the course quickly and start a career in Home Staging. 


One CHSSP Graduate said:"I found the course content all incredibly useful. Each stage was well explained and it was great to be able to work at my own pace at times to suit me. I couldn't wait to see the (project) reveals at the end (of an exercise) and was delighted when my ideas matched the actual results.

Molly Marshall, Mersyside.


The images to the left are from a Home Staging job which Anita Richardson, CHSSP course author, project managed at HouseWow®.  Initially Anita offered Home Staging and styling services as a sole trader but developed the business as a Limited company to become a well known and successful brand. Anita provides insight throughout the CHSSP course with business start up advice, real project exercises, client background, reveals and voice overs.


The quick answer to "how long will the course take me?" is that an average student would take approximately 4 to 5 hours per Module over 9 Modules or 45 hours in total. This would include reading the Modules, considering the exercises and then completing the exercises.   The average student aims to complete one exercise per week and takes 10 to 12 weeks to complete the course. However, study is flexible so that some students have breaks for various commitments and complete the course in a year, whilst other students work in a focussed way and complete the course in two weeks.  Everyone who has completed over a year has commented that the course is easy to return to and pick up where they left off.


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However, if you want to consider your personal starting point, the Course content and the timescale over which you would complete the Course then read on. 


Let's take the following questions one at a time -


1) How much current knowledge, skills and aptitude do you have for styling and interior decorating on a low budget? 

2) How much knowledge do you have about the property market?

3) How much do you enjoying working with people?

4) How much do you know about business start up  or being self employed?

5) How motivated are you to complete the Course?


Question 1) How much current knowledge, skills and aptitude do you have for styling and interior decorating on a low budget?    


Most people who are interested in learning more about Home Staging and Property styling as a business already have a natural aptitude for creativity and design. The Home Staging and Property Styling CHSSP Modules 1 to 3 take these existing skills and shape them to give you the confidence and knowledge required to use those skills effectively in a home staging business with paying customers. If you already have a creative aptitude then you're off to a good start!


Question 2) How much knowledge do you have about the property market?


If you keep yourself aware of the housing market , local property prices and issues such as stamp duty rates then you can use CHSSP Module 4 as a refresher.  Module 4 provides information about the property buying and selling process. There are useful links to resources where you can keep up to date. 


Question 3) How much do you enjoying working with people?


Are you a people person?  If you enjoy talking about property and want to advise people about how to make the most of property style, practical layout, storage and declutter issues - then again you are almost there. CHSSP Module 5 looks at customer liaison, tact and diplomacy and how to assist clients with wise decisions about changes to their beloved home. 


Question 4) How much do you know about business start up and being self employed?   


If you have ever run a business or started a business before then you will find CHSSP Module 6 Business section a refresher - be sure to use the Business start up checklist so that you don't miss out on useful time saver tips. 


If you haven't had any experience of starting or running a business then we give you the essentials to get started as quickly and simply as possible. CHSSP Business Module 6 provides information and resources links to useful Government start up advice.  Module 6 also provides over 40 Document templates from stationery, timetables, price estimates, costings to quotations, letters of appointment and business start up checklists.  


One CHSSP Graduate said:"I'd done an interior design and basic house doctoring course, but CHSSP has really given me the confidence I need. The business and marketing modules were excellent, and all the document templates invaluable."  

Jane Lee, Sussex


Question 5) How motivated are you to complete the Course?


If you feel motivated to learn more about Home Staging and to make changes in your career then you now have the opportunity to do so. The CHSSP Course makes learning about home staging fun and easy - you will enjoy the learning process.  As the images and videos reveal real life home staging projects you will feel enlightened and will realise that you already possess some of the skills needed to create fantastic results. 


To get started  Enrol on the course now>


To find out more about the Course content and how quickly you can work through it to become a Certified Home Staging and Property Styling Professional, read on.


How do I complete exercises?


The course leads you through the content and exercises one Module at a time from a menu.  The student learning platform has resources such as Design scheme room planner software and home staging business insurance and suppliers. The student learning platform also provides access to Tutor support. See example CHSSP course webpages and exercises here.


What time should I set aside to complete the CHSSP Course?

Setting a personal weekly time to complete the CHSSP Course will help you to remain focussed and to complete more quickly.

Try to log in to complete exercises at regular intervals.  If you can spare a few hours each week then you'll keep momentum and work through the course quickly. If a busy schedule prevents this then the user friendly student home page and menu will quickly help you to see where you left off.

If you complete one Module per week the Course will take 9 weeks to finish. However some students work full time on it and complete in a Week.  Others complete the course over several months, because of personal circumstances. The course is entirely flexible to suit you.  

An average total time to complete the course would be 4 to 5 hours per Module over 9 Modules.

The CHSSP Course will enable you to make career changes and fulfil an ambition to start a Home Staging Career.  

If you are ready to take the first steps then begin by registering on the CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Professional Styling Course by clicking the link below.


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