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CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional Course 

Feedback and reviews from graduates of the CHSSP Home Staging Professional Course.  

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Suzanne Danter CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"This is a fantastic course for anyone considering a career in home staging. By doing it online you can work at your own pace and take your time."

Suzanne Danter, 

Solihull, West Midlands


Beth Bradnum CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"A brilliant course, loads of content, very helpful exercises, extremely flexible and a functional and practical website."


Beth Bradnum

Glasgow, South Lanarkshire


Lydia Clark-Betts CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"Brilliant, well structured and informative course. A must for Interior Lovers. Achievable course deadline. Having a trained creative eye I have always had a love for interiors, this course has fuelled my tank and taken me in a new direction, one that I am truly passionate about. Feeling excited about future plans and the prospect of being my own boss."

Lydia Clark-Betts, 

Lydia Home Staging

Loughborough, Leicestershire


Tracy Struwig CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"A very hands-on, practical course - would recommend to anyone interested in starting a home staging business."

Tracy Struwig

Style Junkie Goldsborough

Goldsborough, North Yorkshire


Penny Mitchell CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"After being asked my opinions and ideas on friends' properties that needed restyling, I decided to take the jump and do something about it. CHSSP had all the elements I liked by allowing me to develop my creative skills in making small changes, to make a big difference in a home. The course took me a couple of months to complete, which fitted in my time frame.  It has given me confidence, especially with positive feedback from Tutors about my work, which has boosted me further to start a business.

Penny Mitchell,

Penny Home Staging 

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire


Clare Parsons CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I chose to complete this home staging course as I have always been interested in all home improvements and thought this would be extra knowledge I could use. I felt I had a good understanding but there is so much more is explained within this course to starting a new business. I enjoyed that I was able to work at my own pace and took my own time when it was convenient to me to learn. The course was extremely relevant and the real life examples were good to review and very helpful. Thank you CHSSP

Clare Parsons

Mildenhall, Suffolk


Lada Veronika Malchevska CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have really enjoyed this course. It was exceptionally informative and I feel ready to add a staging component to my Real Estate business. As a Realtor, staging property is a part of our job, however, there were so many details I did not know until I took this course. Even though I am from Canada, all material was relevant and useful.  Thank you so much for such a great experience.

Lada Veronika Malchevska,

Toronto, Canada


Pascale Rowan CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The course was well organised and informative. I really enjoyed the course. I recommend it for people who want to help others to sell their home. Thank you very much. Best wishes" 

Pascale Rowan

Pascale Rowan Interiors

St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex


Iona Roxana Anton CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The CHSSP course gave me the confidence and tools to start my own business. It was a flexible and enjoyable course witch I would highly recommend."

Iona Roxana Anton

Manchester, UK


Andrea Johnson CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have always enjoyed decorating and staging housing and I have always been given compliments on how much better the rooms looked once I've worked on them. I decided it was time to make my hobby a money making business and I was thrilled when I found this course as I knew it was the right way forward to get my qualification and become a professional home stylist. The course was well written and all before and after pictures and documents were very helpful. I am much more confident in going forward!"

Andrea Johnson

Stockport, Cheshire


Catalina Arango CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I was pleased to see my CHSSP course feedback and look forward to receiving my certificate, I think this will help me in my new Home Staging business in Colombia."

Catalina Arango

Bogota, Colombia, South America

Home Staging Colombia


Emma Louise Jackson CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The CHSSP course has given me the confidence to continue with my passion for Home Styling and Staging. I have enjoyed the course very much and found the exercises very interesting and useful. I think it's a great idea to have the reveals at the end as it allows you to compare the work you have done. The links and business templates are useful tools that I will certainly revisit. The Assessment feedback and recommendations on my work were very much appreciated. Knowing that after completing you can still revisit is really good"

Emma Louise Jackson

Need an organiser

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


Samantha Charlesworth CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"CHSSP home staging and Styling course was the first online, distant learning course I have enrolled on.  I found the whole process of learning really enjoyable.  The information the course gives is extremely useful in teaching you to look for solutions to problems, working to different budgets and allowing you to be creative.  The course structure is easy to follow and you always have the support of tutors if you are unsure. I now have better confidence in making decisions."

Samantha Charlesworth

Doncaster, South Yorkshire


Lauren Hill CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I was going through a difficult time with work and realised that I wanted to start my own business so searched for home staging on google and stumbled across CHSSP.  Within an hour I had signed up and from there began my journey of home staging. I found the course to be incredibly flexible whilst I was still in full time employment as I could complete it as and when I was able. I completed the course in 7 months, and it has given me the tools I need to start my own business"

Lauren Hill

Somerset, UK


Anna Trzaska CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I am very pleased with this course, which fully met my expectations and did not interfere with any other commitments. The course is professionally prepared, raises all necessary issues related to work in this field. All property illustrations, audio, and video materials, as well as templates of documentation, allow to fully-understand into a given project and its specificity.  It is also helpful to work with an interior design program that allows to visualize even better our ideas of project implementation or creating inspiring moodboards. I would highly recommend this course."

Anna Trzaska



Jaqueline Naylor CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"This is one of the best courses I have ever done.  Although I enjoyed the work I did before I was getting bored and felt I needed a challenge. Well I certainly got that, and I absolutely loved it. I enjoy shopping as it is, but to fully furnish and dress a property online for a course was fab. The content was very useful, all aspects of it, especially for a new business start up."

Jaqueline Naylor

Creative Desire

Bradford, West Yorkshire


Jingjing Lin CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The course is insightful and covers all necessary areas needed for you to start your own home staging business.  It is also flexible and easily accessible, ideal for anyone who has a busy work schedule.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the course."

Jingjing Lin

Bromsgrove, Kent


Alicia Jimenez CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"This course has given me the additional knowledge to be able to complete staging jobs thoroughly and professionally.  I have everything I need to add to my Interior Design Business."

Alicia Jiminez

Barcelona, Spain


Natalie Ellis CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  I found it very informative and it has helped me feel more comfortable in building a Home Styling business.  I would recommend anyone wanting to get into this industry to take this course."

Natalie Ellis

Styled By Natalie

York, North Yorkshire


Lorraine Wilson-Brown CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The course has been very useful in helping me to understand what is needed from a home stager other than just being creative.  I now feel ready to launch my business with the help of the CHSSP course."

Lorraine Wilson-Brown

Staging to Sell Bath

Bath, Somerset


Melissa Fenton CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have really enjoyed the CHSSP course.  After teaching for 18 years I took the opportunity to take redundancy and train for a new career.  The flexibility of the course has enabled me to complete it in my own time frame. Super quick answers to questions every time meant that nothing held me up. I feel I have learnt a lot in a relatively short space of time."

Melissa Fenton

Melissa Hill Home Styling

Nantwich, Cheshire


Alexandra Sutcliffe CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel I've gained a huge amount from it. The modules were all varied and interesting, and the exercises provided a great balance between creativity and business practice. I also really appreciate all the document templates available for downloading, and feel that I'm so much closer now to setting up my own interior and home styling business. I strongly recommend this course."

Alexandra Sutcliffe

St Jeannet, France


Marta Splitt Zemla CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I really enjoyed every module and every exercise of the course. it was extremely interesting and very creative. The course made me realise that I have knowledge, but what I needed was confidence and support to start working on my own.  I'm very happy I chose this course. It exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!"

Marta Splitt Zemla

Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland


Evangelia Disliani CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I enrolled on the CHSSP course as part of my retraining in the field of interiors after many years in the fashion design and consultancy field and with a view to starting my own home-staging and interiors business.  The course content covers all the main aspects of the creative, financial and practical elements of home staging and running/promoting your business and provided a sound foundation on which I can advance my career while operating with confidence and knowledge."

Evangelia Disliani

Gainsborough Studios, London



Krizia Mills CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"A great course, flexible, great Tutor support, good resources. No complaints from me. Enjoyed every moment of it!"

We are Whitewood Interior Designers

Krizia Mills

Oldbury, West Midlands


Franco Brain CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"It is very easy to follow and I completed the entire course within a couple of weeks.  I discovered that I have the knowledge, I just needed the support and confidence to go ahead

Franco Brain

Meath, Ireland


Christine Stenner CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I absolutely loved the CHSSP online course and can't wait to start putting my new skills to good work. I found the property examples invaluable and incredibly helpful. I feel this was a great investment I would highly recommend this very enjoyable, informative course."

Christine Stenner

Cheltenham, Cheshire



Nadine Albertini CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I really enjoyed going through the chapters of the course in my own pace and had great fun with the various exercises that showed different scenarios and challenges you have to face as a Home Stager.  This course is a great preparation if you want to shift your career into Home Staging or Interior Design."

Nadine Albertini

Zurich, Switzerland


Jessica Hedemann-Chiong CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I had been planning to start my own Home Staging business when I came across the CHSSP course.  I have staged and styled our investment properties for sale and letting previously and would like to offer it as a chargeable service.  I was unsure of how to go about pricing it competitively and offering the service as a business.  The course provides the structure I needed, guiding me through every important aspect of setting up a business, and making sure every detail has been carefully considered".

Jessica Hedemann-Chiong

One Home Interiors

St Albans, Hertfordshire


Paloma Harrington Griffin CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"Although it's an online course, it is very hands on!  The exercises are very practical and force you into doing proper home staging. There are lots of useful information to help build your confidence and to learn how to become a home staging professional!  I am very pleased and would highly recommend it."

Paloma Harrington Griffin

Brentford, Twickenham


Nicola Mitchell CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"Having just completed the course I would like to thank all involved for an interesting and informative introduction to Professional Home Staging and Property Styling. I have previous knowledge of home study by online learning methods but found this course to be flexible and like most people have a busy life juggling family, work and starting my own business, but could easy pick up where I left off.  The Home Staging and Styling course will be a valued addition to my Interior Design future."

Nicola Mitchell

Southampton, Hampshire


Claire Davis CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I undertook the course to offer another service to my clients as I have just launched my own estate agency.  Even in my first few months I have already found the course helpful when engaging with clients and preparing their homes for sale. The course is thorough in it's content, easy to follow, and can be completed at your own pace. It also gives you the ability to re-visit your work and ideas. A great course and I would highly recommend it!"

Claire Davis

Athena Town & Country Homes 

Towcester, Northamptonshire, UK


Chloe Bickley CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I undertook this course to formally learn about home staging which has been a long term interest of mine. It didn't disappoint and I am glad that I chose the course to further my professional development.  As a Senior IT Project Manager and owner of 5 houses over the last 15 years which I have all improved and sold at asking price or near to, I felt that I had quite a few of the fundamental skills but lacked formal training. The course was fun, relevant and the real life examples were invaluable."

Chloe Bickley 

Exeter, Devon, UK


Emma Wright CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The CHSSP course is a widely recognised course and offers some useful advice."

Emma Wright 

Darlington, Durham, UK


Timea Fischer  CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I am very happy I chose this course, I really enjoyed every module. It exceed all my expectations. It was interesting, fun and creative. The course was very easy to understand, it was very important to me, English is not my native language.  I have learned a lot about home staging and I am very thankful for the knowledge. I can highly recommend it to anyone." 

Timea Fischer 

Bristol, South Gloucestershire, UK


Kornelia Bozsir CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I was a little bit concerned about this course, as I never used an online course before, but I need to say: Its excellent.  I am Interior Designer with 10 years experience but I have learned so much and every module was about something new.  Every example is a real task...with real homes, people.  I loved every module, but the show home was the best for me. Thank you so much."

Kornelia Bozsir 

Portsmouth, Hampshire


Estefania De La Torriente Labayen CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I had always enjoy the property market industry, the interior design and furniture design areas, the arts...and just looking at different properties and styles.  However, I had never had the chance to follow a course on these areas. Now that due to my pregnancy I had to stop working I had the chance to do the CHSSP Course and it has been truly enjoyable, opening up new options for me once I am able to return to work. I liked the examples, especially the commented videos."

Estafania De La Torriente Labayen

London, UK


Julie Sheldon CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I qualified in Interior Design 10 years ago. I thought this course would be an additional service to offer.  I read up on CHSSP before I decided to choose the course and the feedback seemed extremely good.  As I specialise in affordable budgets this seemed the perfect choice for me.  The course was very  up-to-date and current."

Julie Sheldon

Plymouth, Devon, UK


Florence Cotterrill CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"My friends always ask me to help them decorate their homes but I have no formal training and I knew that if I wanted to start a new venture I couldn't just rely on my intuition.  The course has exceeded all my expectations. With a very demanding job, the flexibility was invaluable as it enabled me to complete each module whenever I could. The interactive exercises were inspiring and challenging and it was also very exciting to see the reveal at the end of each module.

Florence Cotterrill

Folkestone, Kent, UK


Michelle Evans CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The course has given me the confidence and knowledge to carry out Home Staging in Interior Design.  I found the course incredibly flexible which fitted in with my lifestyle, I was able to work on it whenever I  wanted to and even when I was half way through modules I could return to saved work and drafts.  The business documents, excel sheet and all other supporting documents are helpful and I will definitely be using them to support me with my business. The course has given me the knowledge and support I needed to get my business started."

Michelle Evans

Suffolk, UK


Ann Knights CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The course exceeded all my expectations and being a full time family mum being able to pick up and put down at any time was invaluable.  The online aspects were very informative and I found it very exciting at the end of the module to see the reveal."

Ann Knights

Guernsey, Channel Islands


Vincy Tam CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I am a Professional Organiser in Hong Kong. I took CHSSP Online Course because I would like to widen the scope of service that I provide for clients.  I enjoyed and learned a lot from CHSSP Online Course. The exercises are useful for development of my skills and sense towards home staging.  The feedback from my tutor was fast and comprehensive. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to start their business for home staging." 

Vincy Tam

Kowloon, Hong Kong


Susanne Oltmanns CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I am glad I chose this course as it covers so many different topics and situations.  I can highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a career in home staging.  It's very practical and the tutors are excellent."  

Susanne Oltmanns

Victoria, Australia


Heidi Chaplin CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"This course took me about 6 weeks part time to complete.  I have a passion for home improvements and the property market and have been thinking for a long time about starting my own De-cluttering, Organising and Home Staging business but have not had the confidence in my ability to do so.  I feel now that I have improved my knowledge considerably especially in the important areas of getting a home ready for selling and in setting up a business.  Totally flexible, superb content and easy to use."

Heidi Chaplin

Milton Keynes, UK


Mo Gooch CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I found the course invaluable - and such good value for money. As an experienced Estate Agent, I was confident in my abilities to stage a home to sell,  but the breadth of other topics covered in each module was so impressive. I learned so many useful tips and extra skills. It was way more thorough and in-depth than I was expecting.  I loved the easy-to-use format and the flexibility of being able to complete it in my own time.  Brilliant design and so enjoyable.  I would totally recommend it!"

Mo Gooch

Tring, Hertfordshire, UK


Joanna Piotrowicz CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I was always very into colours, texture and interior design in general. And once I decided to run the home staging company I wanted to check and establish my previous knowledge about the subject.  As I needed to combine study with my busy life I chose the CHSSP Course because it's online. I didn't have any technical problems, which I'm very grateful for as it has saved my time I found this flexible and convenient.  The whole course is very inspiring but all practical sections such as exercises and then exercise reveals played the most important role for me.  Would definitely recommend."

Joanna Piotrowicz

London, UK


Helen Sloan CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The course was well thought out and easy to understand. Everything required was there. The course met my expectations and I really enjoyed it. You can really work away at your own pace and complete it when you are ready. I feel I have gained a good understanding of the course material and feel ready to complete some hands on projects."

Helen Sloan

Argyll, Scotland, UK


Aminata Amonin Toure CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I really enjoyed the CHSSP Course more than any of the other courses I have enrolled upon. Even though French is my first language, I was able to complete the course without using an online translator. The content was very useful and easy to understand. The flexibility gave me the opportunity to do the course in my own time. It has given me the confidence and the tools I need to start my own business.  I didn't need much tutorial support but, when requested, the tutors provided a quick response to any queries I had. The course is easy to follow.  The course helped me to be confident and understand how to run my own business. It has also helped me with my English.  Thank you for the knowledge you've offered.

Aminata Amonin Toure

Wembley, London, UK


Lin  CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I highly recommend this course to anyone with a flair and interest in décor who wish to either pursue their hobby in a more informed way or take the next step and start their own home staging & styling business.  The course is well thought out with relevant real life examples to test your knowledge and new skills as you work through the modules. The flexibility is particularly helpful for those with time constraints as you can work at your own pace. The Tutor support facility was excellent!"




Chloe Staples CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I would highly recommend completing this course as it supplies you with all the knowledge you require to become a home stager. You will learn everything from the very basics of house doctor to the more interior design based things and sourcing of products/furnishings.  I have been able to take the things I have learnt from the course to my place of work and vice versa. 

Chloe Staples

EHG Design and Build Ltd

London UK


Stepanka Buresova CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The C.H.S.S.P course is the best online course I have ever done. I think this course is the best online combination of textbook, videos, project examples and the audio versions which add some personal, "face-to-face" like feeling.  I have learned a lot about home staging approach and business in a  very interactive way and I can recommend it to all the people interested in this field. 

Stepanka Buresova

Prague, Czech Republic


Jennifer Anderson CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I am an economist by profession but have recently been given a new opportunity to become a house buyer in the North West.  Part of this involves 'flipping' houses and while I have always loved styling houses, I have had no formal training.  I undertook this course so that I could become certified. I focused all my time and energy on this course and completed within 3 weeks.  It has been invaluable in upgrading my skills, knowledge and confidence.

Jennifer Anderson

Anderson Home Styling



Leigh Davies CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have nothing but praise for the CHSSP Course.  I have learned so much to help me on a new and exciting career path thanks to the excellent mix of creative work and genuinely useful business knowledge. It has been really enjoyable, and a great investment in my future.

Leigh Davies

Optimist Design and Home Staging



Denise Cable CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, and fully intend progressing with my business. The flexibility of studying around your current role is great. The content covers a wide variety of skills with a fantastic balance between practical and theory.

Denise Cable

Denise Cable Home Styling



Amanda White CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course,  I found it very informative and felt it gave me all the skills I needed to give me the confidence to build a career for myself.  Before completing this course I had gained an Interior Design diploma and decided to complete a home staging course so I could combine both skills to set up my own business. During the course I went to work for an Estate Agent and started to put my new found skills into use.  The feedback from clients gave me the confidence I needed to launch my own business White House Property Solutions.  Thanks to CHSSP I've learnt so much from all the modules." 

Amanda White

White House Property Solutions



Mira Kubecka CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I am so impressed with quality of the CHSSP Online course. It is a highly engaging course, suitable for any one wanting to work in home staging, interior design or property management. This was a very useful course. Worth every penny. It's well structured, an appropriate level and very informative. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Thank you.

Mira Kubecka,

Wandsworth, London


Caroline Buist CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I really enjoyed the CHSSP course. It exceeded my expectations and has given me the confidence, knowledge and inspiration to start my own home staging business. My favourite part of the course was working on the real home staging exercises and coming up with my own ideas for staging the properties before the exercise answers were revealed. It took me a while to complete the course due to other commitments but I was able to dip in and out due to the flexibility given.  I would highly recommend this course.

Caroline Buist

1 Chance Home Staging

Essex, UK 


Konrad Wrobel CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have really enjoyed this course and I'm sure that this knowledge will help me in my job as a Real Estate Agent."

Konrad Wrobel




Nic Gordon CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I found the course to be practical and flexible. There was lots of advice and each module enabled you to build on the previous one. By the end of the course, I realised how much I had learned!  It was great to be able to do the course in my own time and fit it into the other demands I had with a job and a family."

Nic Gordon




Gemma Cave CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The course is very practical and really takes you through all the stages step by step.  I thoroughly enjoyed studying and now feel confident and ready to start my own business. Gemma Cave

Gemma Cave Home Design

Thorverton,  Exeter, Devon


Lucy Perks CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have really enjoyed this course. It has built on my skills and taught me new things along the way. The course has helped me learn the more technical side of design as well as the difference between home make overs and home staging with regards to budget and work required.  It has given me the confidence I need to look to pursue a new career and start my own business. 

Lucy Perks

Wymondham, Norfolk


Nadine Meisinger CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I feel like I have been home staging and styling most of my life. As a mom returning to work the CHSSP course has greatly encouraged me and given me confidence to home stage professionally and start my own business. The course was exactly what I had hoped it would be. The varied module content is great with clear advice in both the audio and video information.   I really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend the CHSSP course to anyone with an interest in home staging and styling."

Nadine Meisinger

Horsham, West Sussex


Emma Heaney CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I found this course enjoyable and practical.  I really liked the videos with voiceover which brought the subject to life. Being an on line course, it is very beneficial when you have a busy work schedule to dip in and out of the coursework as time allows. I actually found I kept 'squeezing' in any available time to get on line and do more of the CHSSP course - because I enjoyed it SO much!"

Emma Heaney

Tring, Hertfordshire


Jana Ondrejkova CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The course was very interesting and even though I do not speak English, the online Translator helped me to to pass.  The exercises are very clear and comprehensive.  I've learned what I need to do to work as a Homestager.  In my own Country Home staging is a new branch so the course helped me start my business. Thank you very much."

Jana Ondrejkova

JR Staging

Praha,  Czech Republic


Victoria Handy CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I found the content very useful, and the website easy to use. The exercises helped with my confidence and the course was very flexible to fit in around my 15 month old son. The course Administrators and Tutors were excellent. I now wish to start my own business in home staging. Very glad I decided to do this course!"

Victoria Handy

Devon Home Design

Exeter, Devon


Deena Currie CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"This course worked extremely well for me, as I had a lot of other commitments, therefore my time to study was limited.  It is informative, clear and well put together, and presented in a very good way.

Deena Currie

5 Elements Lifestyle

Majorca, Spain


Linda Osborne CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"Thank you to CHSSP for producing this course. The Administrators and Tutors were fabulous! Everything I asked was replied to quickly and every time it was very helpful which helped me continue with the course.  I really enjoyed it and can't wait to start setting up my business now! I would recommend the course to anyone thinking of working in this field.  I enjoyed all the research and have grown in confidence when asked to homestage friends homes.  So pleased that I found this course."

Linda Osbourne 

Home Staging Buckinghamshire


Jo Ridehalgh CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have enjoyed this course more than any other I have studied! As well as being extremely practical as it is all online 24/7 it is very comprehensive. It increasingly builds and tests your ability in home staging in well considered steps.  I have also found the course assessment questionnaire invaluable in showing me all the necessary pieces required to set up a successful business. The course tutors were always helpful and responded very promptly. I've now set up my business The Organised House for Home Staging, Styling and De-clutter in Devon."

Jo Ridehalgh 

The Organised House

Exton,  Devon


Agnes Sarandi CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"A very useful, practical and informative course for an affordable price.  In addition to the professional home staging knowledge you can gain business information as well.  Thank you so much to Anita and the whole Team!"

Agnes Sarandi



Kirsten Wilson CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"After finishing this course, I can honestly say that I feel extremely confident with going  forward as a home stager. Lots of time, effort and thought has gone into its design, and  I really appreciate all of that time put into it so that I and many others can learn from such an educational course.

Kirsten Wilson



Clare Feenan CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have thoroughly enjoyed the CHSSP course and am sure that I have learnt an awful lot that will stand me  in very good stead as I go on to set up my Property Styling business.

Claire Feenan



Mickaela O'Higgins CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The CHSSP course has been very enjoyable, each module covers all aspects of home staging well. The business models are very useful within the practical world. I highly recommend it!"

Mickaela O'Higgins

Bangkok,  Thailand


Sarah Lickley CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have really enjoyed this course. If you enjoy home styling and shopping, then its for you!! I really enjoyed the challenges of the many different modules, and looked forward to clicking on each one to discover its challenges. Really good fun, and a great way to learn about the trade. Good Luck."

Sarah Lickley

Cuckoo Box

Harrogate, North Yorkshire


Andrea Jenkins CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"Great course. Easily followed and you can complete this in a short time. Great platform to launch a business with many additional features hints and tips.  Would recommend this to anyone."

Andrea Jenkins 

Llanelli,  Carmarthanshire


Simone Gauci Brancaleone CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I always had a flair for designing spaces. This course exceeded my expectations.  A flexible course which enabled me to complete within my hectic family life.  I loved every module however the most topic I loved was the show homes module and the apartment module.  The videos were very useful. You seem to be in the apartment yourself and the audio is very helpful when trying to decide the decor."

Simone Gauci Brancaleone

Basildon, Essex


Rachel Winckel CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The CHSSP course was an excellent, thorough introduction to all aspects of home staging. Within four months I was able to complete the coursework while working around a busy schedule.  The use of real life home staging projects, including videos, was particularly helpful.  Anyone interested in home staging would greatly benefit from taking this course.  I can't recommend it highly enough!"

Rachel Winckel,

Metamorphose Home

Surrey, UK


Olga Okparaigew CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"The course was really enjoyable and I appreciate the flexibility of the service that did allow me to complete the course even with a heavy workload. Thank you CHSSP!"

Olga Okparaigwe

Prague, Czech Republic


Cirsty Greenlees CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"A very enjoyable and thorough course. The modules cover a wide variety of real properties and the business information is very useful."

Cirsty Greenlees



Christine Sheppard CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I have often wondered why estate agents do not suggest to sellers that their houses be presented differently? That's when I started to research Home Staging. I was confident I could help to make a difference. I researched many online courses before choosing the CHSSP course. I did have to take a considerable break from the course, but as I was able to look back on work previously completed, I did not find it too hard to pick up again.  The assignments covered all aspects of Home Staging that I needed and they have given me the confidence to start my own business. I would highly recommend this course if you are thinking of doing the same.  

Christine Sheppard

Shanklin, Isle of White


Marilena Koliavasali CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"Now that I have finished the course, I believe that my decision to enrol was very wise. Thank you for the opportunity and knowledge you've offered.  It was a very useful and enjoyable experience, Thank you very much!

Marilena Koliavasali, 

Markopoulo, Greece


Julie Anne Davies CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I decided to do the course as I felt that I would be building on my knowledge. Property styling is something that I enjoy doing.  I found the course convenient with my lifestyle, the property examples were very good and I would recommend the CHSSP course to others."

Julie Davies

Julianne Property Styling



Jane Lee CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I've always loved styling rooms for family and friends, and their positive feedback, and this excellent course, have provided the final push I needed to change career.  I'd done an interior design and basic house doctoring course, but CHSSP has really given me the confidence I need. The business and marketing modules were excellent, and all the templates invaluable - those alone will save me hours of time spent putting them together myself.  There's a great mix of practical modules, along with invaluable business and marketing information, and I can't recommend it highly enough."

Jane Lee

Sussex Interior Styling



Samantha Scott-Thomas CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I found this course very useful and although I work in interior design for someone else, it has given me the confidence to spread my wings and start up my own business. I found it easy to fit in around work and children although it did take me longer than expected simply because we've been busy at home. It's a good course and I recommend it highly."

Samantha Scott-Thomas

Lark Hall Interiors



Cecelia Nichol CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"The course is very realistic making learning so much easier and interesting. The Course was very flexible and easy to access and the real life picture scenarios are a great way of learning. The Tutor support was not used but any communication prior to course was very professional."

Cecelia Nichol



Elizabeth Childs CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"Anyone who is passionate about home interiors will absolutely love the CHSSP course. Once started, it is so enjoyable it is almost addictive! The software is very user friendly and all the relevant business start information is contained throughout. I am really looking forward to turning a hobby into a profession and am confident that this course will take me on that journey. If you are as interested and enthusiastic about home interiors as I am, then without doubt, this is the course for you too."

Elizabeth Childs

Northern Ireland


Kay Beaton CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"I've always been interested in developing property and interiors and I wanted to build on my existing skills. I found the CHSSP course to be invaluable; not only does it provide all the necessary tools for learning how to stage homes for sale and/or rent, it also provides the required business and marketing skills.

Kay Beaton

Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Gerta Psachou CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"This course is a very good start up point for anyone wishing to get involved with the home staging business, or simply to sell or rent his/her property.  The modules reading material is well organized and covers almost all aspects of home staging, while real life exercises give a realistic idea of this business. The online course was very user friendly, the navigation extremely easy,  no crashing and no delays. A good course in a very reasonable price, highly recommended!

Gerta Psachou



Alison Claire Lilley CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"In planning for a new life in Spain when my husband retires I decided that there was an opening for homestaging in properties and therefore embarked on my new journey of completing this Certified Home Staging Course. I've taken approximately a year to complete this course which I've balanced with my busy lifestyle and working fulltime. I liked the fact that there was a good mixture of properties and problems within the course. The costing exercises I found to be very useful. Its been most enjoyable, very flexible and the knowledge that I feel I have gained is great. I can't recommend the course highly enough."

Alison Claire Lilley

Alison Lilley Home Staging

Roxburghshire, Scotland


Jasminka Fiser Gavranovic CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"I run a real estate business in Croatia and realized that I needed to do something radical because we have properties unsold for a long time. I have watched TV shows about home staging and I liked it a lot and started to search for a course. I found CHSSP and am happy that I completed it.  As I am mother of two sons, running a hectic real estate business it took me three months to finish the course. The course was in different language to my own.  I did not just learn a lot about home staging, I also improved my English language with lots of expressions I did not know before. This will help me a lot in the real estate business. The online course was easy to use and the transcripts also helped me in better understanding. I am now ready to join my two passions into a business.

Jasminka Fiser Gavranovic

Alfa Estates and Home Staging



Yvonne Parker CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to pursue a career in home staging. It covers all aspects of home staging with real life examples and plenty of help and advice.  The website worked smoothly and being able to fit modules in whilst still maintaining a busy work/home life was invaluable. Property project examples were excellent and covered a wide range of properties and problems that, as a former estate agent, I know occur all too often.  As I was partway through an interior design course it was invaluable to me to be able to fit this course in when I had space between modules as well as other time demands such as home and family.  As a Mac user I can find compatibility an issue at times but I experienced no such problems. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the course, other online courses I have taken have not been nearly so comprehensive, well thought out and balanced. The cost is reasonable and the confidence gained invaluable".

Yvonne Parker

Evoke Designs



Molly Marshall CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"I am so glad that I found this course and enrolled on to it! It was a challenge but incredibly enjoyable and really has given me the confidence to start my Home Staging business.  I found the course content all incredibly useful. Each stage was well explained and it was great to be able to work at my own pace at times to suit me. I couldn't wait to see the (project) reveals at the end (of an exercise) and was delighted when my ideas matched the actual results. The course audio was excellent - and it was great that the houses were REAL properties rather than fictional ones. Absolutely brilliant.  The flexibility was excellent and it was great to be able to stop and start depending what else was going on in my life. The online course work was incredibly user friendly - it couldn't have been more so. I can't recommend this course highly enough to anyone who is even thinking about starting a home staging career. If you're undecided - book on - you won't regret it! "

Molly Marshall, 

Molly Marshall Home Staging and House Makeovers

Home Stager Mersyside


Lisa Bonner CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"I have really enjoyed this course. It was extremely informative and I feel I am more then equipped to start a business in this line of work. The documents and marketing sessions are very good and useful.

Lisa Bonner

Elbie Interiors

West Sussex


Caroline Soer CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"Having always had an interest in property and interiors and wanting to build on my skills to help others style their homes I found the CHSSP course to be invaluable. The course provides all the necessary tools for learning to stage homes for sale or rent and ensures that the new property stylist has the business and marketing skills required for success!

Caroline Soer



Helen Winter CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"Although the course was challenging and contained a lot of information, it was paced very well, getting progressively harder by each module. I thoroughly enjoyed the study and the exercises and now feel ready and raring to go with my new business. I feel this will be a good complement to my Interior Design Diploma."

Helen Winter

Coral Interiors



Fiona Montgomery CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"A very useful course which I could fit around my current job. Especially good that I could stop mid topic. Great practical examples and very easy to use. Videos of properties after staging especially useful, as was information about marketing. Gave me the confidence to go ahead with my own home staging business. "

Fiona Montgomery



Alexandra Sheldon CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"A great course and I would highly recommend it. I thought initially it might be difficult for me to complete as I live in Asia and don't have the knowledge of the UK market, let alone shops and what is available. The staff at CHSSP were very reassuring and helpful as well as very quick to respond to any questions I had. The course has taken me approximately 1 month to complete which makes it feel as though it's achievable for those even with a hectic schedule. "

Alexandra Sheldon

The Home Stylist

Sai Kung, Hong Kong


Fiona Whitehead CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I would highly recommend the CHSSP Course. I have tried other courses in the past but none have given me the tools to do the job as CHSSP has. I now feel confident in my ability not only as a Home Stager but as a business person able to cope with the demands of all that running my own business will mean."

Fiona Whitehead

Andover, Hampshire


Lee Peters CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I have long realised the importance of staging a property for sale or rental and to this end I decided to obtain a recognised qualification and start my own business as a qualified Home Stager! I researched other internet based Home Staging courses but I kept coming back to the CHSSP Course as it was the one that stood out! I found the course to be very user friendly, I particularly enjoyed the video walk throughs at the end of each exercise.  I would highly recommend the CHSSP Course to anybody!

Lee Peters, 

Home Staging Sussex

East Sussex


Dorine Scemama Obadia CHSSP Home Staging Professional


"I enjoyed the CHSSP course . I just wanted to say Thank you for offering such an interesting program. I have learned so much and the training sessions are so real. I am excited about my business and this course have given me the tools to get started."

Dorine Scemama Obadia

Nice, France


Jo Broccolo CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"The CHSSP Online Course is a great course as you can go at your own pace and there is no pressure to meet deadlines. I enjoyed the course and each assessment and found them all varied, interesting and challenging. The website is easy to use and navigate around and has all the tools that you need, the content was always interesting and more-so as they were real projects. It is easy to follow and flexible with great support from the Online Tutors. I would highly recommend the course. I have already undertaken my first home staging job and helped the owner successfully sell their house! I am really looking forward to my new Career."

Jo Broccolo

HouseWow Sheffield



Lucie Watkins CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"An excellent course to give a good introduction to Home Staging. I found the content very informative and it really helped improve my knowledge and confidence."

Lucie Watkins

Home Staging Surrey

Surrey, UK


Tara Leone Connell CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I am a hairdresser but I have a passion for property so this is why I enrolled on the course. I choose CHSSP after lots of research as they seemed the most committed and professional of all the companies. What I really enjoyed about the course was the amazing difference you can make to someone's home on a budget. The course took me just over a year which is why the flexible learning was excellent and I could still carry on with a full time job and family life. We have a number of properties which we rent out so I have felt very confident in buying property which needs a little work knowing that it doesn't need a lot spending on it.  Also being able to dress a property ready for the Letting Agent photographs has been useful.  The CHSSP website is very easy to use. A perfect course."

Tara Leone Connell, 



Abdoul Razaq Dahood CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"The whole of the online course was use friendly, every steps are fully clarified to the extent that I didn't have to request for any support throughout the whole stages of the course. I got lot of inspiration from the "after" pictures , videos and result revealed during the course after the home staging and styling service rendered which increased the saleability of the real projects. Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions for further consideration of issues, they will really go a long way in helping me solving problems, enhance my presentations, commands of words and I grew even more confident from the feedback. I really appreciate that you took so much time to look into my course works and point out my lapses, I'm so pleased...that the course really provides me with excellent experience. The templates will forever be useful.

Abdoul Razaq Dahood

Bolton, UK


Julie Farrer CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"Very informative course dealing with real properties and results. Good array of property examples to work with. The ability to return to the modules as your understanding grows during the course is a great advantage. I would recommend the course to others.

Julie Farrer

Julie Farrer Estate Agent Perth

Perth, Australia


Anna Harris CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I had been thinking about setting up my own business for several years and had always been a keen decorator and declutterer. I work during school time so I have completed most of the course during the holidays and have been able to work easily at my own pace. Over the last year I have been reassured when watching TV programs such as 'Phil Spencer: Secret Agent' there there is a need for property styling services out there and the CHSSP course has given me confidence in my abilities."

Anna Harris

Home Staging Shropshire


Sandra Rubio Pardo CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"When I found the home staging I immediately knew what my goal was. In Spain is a novel technique and found it difficult to find a course that met my expectations. Found CHSSP and I fell in love right away, on the transparency, quality and price and to be on line allowed me to study at my own pace. It's all very easy and intuitive, and the teachers are excellent in how to tips and response time. I recommend a good note! Thanks to the whole team."

Sandra Pardio

Custom Casa

Valencia, Spain


 Angela Keegan CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"I did a lot of research to find the best certificated online course in home staging. I chose CHSSP, not only because it is excellent value for money, but more importantly because it reflects real life scenarios in the UK.  The USA and Canadian markets are vastly different to the British market and this course gave me the credibility and confidence to offer professional services and market my business in the UK successfully. Access to actual costings for projects was invaluable for a start up business like mine. Audio voiceovers were excellent for background explanations. Extremely useful to see completed projects from the client point of view and to see client after service provision. The course is flexible to fit in with any lifestyle and is very user friendly." 

Angela Keegan

Dressing Spaces

Carmarthenshire, Wales


Nadia Singleton CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"Home staging was something I wanted to do for a while but initially had no intention of doing a course.  I'm glad I did!  Not only was the course interesting and informative it has given me the confidence to start my own business.  Without the course, I think my journey towards being a Home Stager would have been a lot harder.

Nadia Singleton

Countesthorpe, Leicestershire


Bethan Causton CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I have enjoyed studying the CHSPP Course and feel confident in my position to start my home staging business. The CHSSP course had great instructions, simple and easy to follow, was a very flexible course, easy to use and provided me with a continued level of inspiration. Having been an Estate Agent for many years, this course provided me with the additional skills and documentation that I required." 

Beth Causton

South Wales Estates and Home Staging



Judith Barratt CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I have been looking for a change of career path, and had already studied for an interior design diploma.  The CHSSP course complements this and has prepared me for focusing on home staging in my new business. It was easy to complete, working at my own pace to fit around existing commitments.  A good variety of properties were used throughout the course, and you build up the job size gradually.  Areas covering costings and time allocations were particularly enlightening for me.  I found the course very user friendly - the occasional thing I did not understand I had very prompt responses clarifying things for me.  I think this course is unique in both content and teaching methods."

Judith Barratt

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Damask Design


Dragana Djordjevic CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I chose the CHSSP course over several other courses advertised on the Internet as it was by far superior in presentation and suitability. CHSSP takes you from whatever point you are at now, and (virtually) holds your hand through building a home staging business.  The supporting material for each module was extremely helpful, but if ever I was in any doubt, a question to the student support team with a quick response put my mind at ease.  I've learned the fundamentals of the industry and gained so much confidence that I now feel ready to turn my passion into a career. I loved the flexibility of online learning, going at your own pace and working in the timeframe that fits in with your other commitments.  The website was well laid out and easy to move around, which made my assignments fairly straightforward. The course has given me a feel of what type of 'real life'  scenarios I may have to deal with and prepared me for the next chapter of my life.  The course has been a much loved challenge, propelling me forward to the best of my ability. I have enjoyed it immensely."

Dragana Djordjevic

Belgrade, Serbia



Suzanne Sutherland CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"The CHSSP course exceeded my expectations, I found the course very helpful and would highly recommend it. It was very easy to navigate and has given me all the knowledge I need to become a home stager. I now have the confidence to go on and have a successful home staging business. Thank you."

Suzanne Sutherland

Stockport, Cheshire

Heatons Home Styling, 


Hazel Nutting CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"A very informative course that you can take at your own pace. The course was very good at fitting in with my existing commitments. The tutors provide a fast response to any queries you have and the course is easy to follow. The property examples were excellent. I would recommend the CHSSP course. I have now set up my business!"

Hazel Nutting

Knebworth,  Hertfordshire

Hazels Interiors


Jacqueline Yeowell,  CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I was quite apprehensive when I started the course but I soon found that every step of the way you are guided through what actions you need to take in a clear and concise manner. I found it very easy to follow and enjoyed every minute of it. It is nice not to feel under pressure to be set date deadlines when I work part-time and have two children.  I have been able to work at my own pace - with only my own target date of completion in my mind.  I found the whole experience user friendly, everything was very clear to follow.  I liked the reveal videos as it helps you to understand if you have overlooked something why and how it would be done to best effect. The 3 self assessment questionnaires are a really helpful tool to help you see your progression through the course.  It has truly been an amazing experience and I was so glad for the constructive feedback on my exercises with suggestions for improvements I can make in future projects.  I have now set up my own business, North Devon Home Staging!"

Jacqueline Yeowell


North Devon Home Staging


Sharon Louise Christiaan, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


" I thoroughly enjoyed the CHSSP course and recommend it to anyone wishing to work as a home stager. The content is well balanced, user friendly and great value for money. It's given me the motivation, inspiration and confidence to start my own business plus the necessary business guidelines to make it a success.  

I loved it - thank you !!!"

Sharon Louise Rakus



Lynne Prendergast, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"As home staging is not really known that well in South Africa I did extensive research on Home Staging Courses to ensure I would be in a position to inform people of the benefits & do my job well.  I thought this course would suit me best as it was to the point, informative and practical. (I found most other courses full of "hot air"). The homes in the UK are quite different to the type of homes you get here in South Africa. Although the styles of homes and living are different, the same principals apply. Being such a practical course it forced you to sit down and actually DO the tasks and not just reading information. Being a bit nervous of technology, I was anxious that I would not cope with the online course, however I was pleasantly surprised at how easily, efficiently and smoothly everything ran. For someone who can be technically challenged, I found everything extremely user friendly. I was amazed how easy it was to navigate around everything. The technical support was fantastic and friendly. I sold houses for many years and besides being passionate about redesigning I also saw a need for it. I was inspired and energised to start my Home Staging business."

Lynne Prendergast

Perfectly Positioned

South Africa


Sarai Armstrong, CHSSP Home Staging Professional > 


"I decided to set up my own business once my daughter reached school age and was delighted that the CHSSP course enabled me to study whilst not interfering at all with family life. The course is well presented, easy to use and provides you with all the skills, and more, if you are considering starting up business on your own.  I found the templates, checklists and software tools invaluable and they have saved me so much time in my business start-up process.  

All in all an excellent course."

Sarah Armstrong

Armstrong Home Staging 



Gill Wilkinson, CHSSP Home Staging Professional>


"A fantastic course with real life projects covering all aspects of Home Staging. The flexible aspect of the course makes it accessible for everyone and any problems were dealt with swiftly. I would recommend the course to others." 

Gill Wilkinson

GMW Interiors



Frances Hunt, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"The course not only homed in on styling properties in the right way which was extremely enjoyable, but how to run your business and gave advice to put you in the best position to go out there and make a name for yourself.  Even if you think you know all there is to know about home styling, the course is invaluable for anyone who hasn't ever set up their own business before. The Tutors were excellent, they always got back to me and were very helpful in resolving any issues I came up against.  Although it will be good to finish the course, I will miss doing the assignments, particularly when you submit the work and compare what actually was done to what I recommended.  It exceeded my expectations ... and I feel more confident and certainly inspired to get my business off the ground."

Frances Hunt

Essential Home Style, 



Molly Keel, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"A very clearly laid out course with great practical problems and solutions. A good range of properties with different problems! Really good practical advice.  Great to have access to rates charged otherwise you wouldn't know where to begin. Thank you!  The course gives a good insight into marketing your business and pricing structures too.  Its inspired me to carry on. I hope to set up a web site and my own home staging business soon."

Molly Keel



Karen Spencer, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I've always been interested in interiors and having "staged" properties for myself and friends with positive comments, I felt it was time to turn this interest and skill into a career. Being able to study flexibly in my own time made all the difference. I'm already self employed so have confidence in my organisational skills. I have now have that same confidence in my home staging skills and can't wait to get started and combine the two skills in my new business.

Karen Spencer

Tyne and Wear



Judith Donaldson, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"This course is structured in a excellent way to pursue a new career in home staging. The templates are amazing because they guide you through the process from start to finish and they cover every possible scenario.  All in all I am really looking forward to starting my new career!

Judith Donaldson

Cheshire Home Styling



Tracey Parkinson, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"An excellent course covering every aspect of home staging from room design and furniture sourcing to marketing and business planning. This reasonably priced on-line course is clear and easy to use and offers great flexibility to complete the course wherever you are. Every module tackles a different aspect from tired, cluttered homes to brand new show homes and included every type of property from cottages to lofts with plenty of photos and video footage of actual projects and feedback from real clients. This has given me the confidence to help clients with any type of home problem. I would not hesitate to recommend CHSSP."

Tracey Parkinson





Kerry Collins, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"A well presented and thought out course that seeks not only for you to pass but for you to do so with a new skill. I found this course absolutely invaluable for all elements of home staging from simple projects to whole houses including the pricing structures. I cannot recommend this course highly enough." 

Kerry Collins

Adore Interiors, 




Kyra Crane, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I enjoyed the CHSSP Course very much.  I intend to set up a Home Staging business and wanted a qualification behind me first to give me the confidence and credibility to do so. As a busy mother of three young children, I found this course perfect to fit around all family commitments and it has the added benefit of being all online so I don't have lots of books and papers cluttering up the place.  I found the student menu, videos and slideshows very user friendly and the course to be very beneficial - perfect for anyone wishing to start a Home Staging business." 

Kyra Crane

East Sussex



Lydine Czerniuk,  CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"The CHSSP Home Staging Course gave me a professional Home Staging Qualification which gives a huge amount of confidence to potential customers and has helped me enormously in my HouseWow Home Staging Business!"

Lydine Czerniuk

HouseWow Home Staging

Midlands and the South East


Samantha Lynn, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"All the paperwork and marketing are a great help to me. It is a super idea to be able to watch videos of walk throughs.  I want to start my business more than ever now. I have learnt such a lot. Loved every minute of the course.  Thank you, 

Samantha Lynn

SJL Interiors, 



Home Staging Course Business Start Up image - student1

Caroline Kilbride Home Staging Professional >


"The CHSSP course met all my expectations; it taught you home staging and styling and how to start a home staging business.  At the time I decided to study home staging, I was unhappy in my job and was looking to qualify in an area I was interested in, which could then lead to an alternative career.  My current job wasn't related to design or home staging. The Course fitted in very well with my other commitments and was very flexible and you could take it at your own pace.  I was working part time and had a family to look after. I needed all aspects of the course as I have not set up a business before or studied interior design/Home staging and the CHSSP Team were very helpful. I felt a real sense of achievement on successfully completing the Home Staging Course and have since started my own home staging business. Thank you!"

Caroline Kilbride

Harts Home Staging, 



Home Staging Course Business Start Up student 4

Laura Millican, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


''I found the course to be extremely interesting and well organised. You are able to work through each module at your own pace and receive help with any queries that you may have along the way. This course combines the knowledge of Home Staging, as well as business start-up advice. It is perfect for anyone who wants to start a Home Staging Business".

Laura Millican, 



Home Staging Course business start up Student2

Jitka Kobzova, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"The CHSSP course modules are very thorough, and have given me a good grounding for the home staging aspect of my business. The business start up elements and module check lists provided me with a clear focus in all that is required and, now qualified, I feel inspired to go out there and start bringing in the business!"

Best regards",   

Jitka Kobzova

Huntsworth Interiors

London and Prague


Jackie Haynes, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"I have really enjoyed the course and found it much more informative than other online Home Staging courses or short residential courses I have attended."

Jackie Haynes

Interior Scene

Kelowana, Canada



Carmel Downey, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"This course has given me the additional knowledge to be able to complete staging jobs thoroughly and professionally. I have everything I need to add to my Interior Design Business."

Carmel Downey, 

Smarten Up Home Staging

Cork, Southern Ireland


Home Staging Course Business Start up student3

Hubert Muszynski, CHSSP Home Staging Professional >


"Dear Anita, I'd like to thank you for a really professional feedback. This is exactly what I expected. I must say that I found the examples of the properties really useful and the advice you gave. I love the case studies, it's been enourmously useful to me. I prefer the video format and actually seeing the property and changes to just seeing the pictures of certain rooms. Thank you once again it's been enormously useful to my Home Staging Business start up in Poland, with kind regards",  

Hubert Muszinski

HSD Home Staging and Decorating,Poland


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